Yuan Ti Pureblood 5e Character Race(How to Build Encounter With Yuan Ti)

Yuan Ti Pureblood are the dreadful snake humanoids of the dungeon and dragon realm that have been wriggling through old temples and dungeons since the 1st edition of the game.

The Yuan ti pureblood variant of the Yuan ti was first included in the game for the first time with the release of the third edition of the Monster Hand book.

In the third edition, the Yuan Ti pureblood heavily rely on the human half of their snake/human ancestry and may pass as human in the proper light.

Finally, D&D 5e was able to offer us the opportunity to play these cold-blooded assassins, but only to quickly make them unplayable races.

Are they deserving of the bans they received from the majority of DMs? How exactly is Yuan Ti pureblood play?

So relax as we build encounters in Yuan Ti as well as give you a detailed guide to playing the Yuan Ti pureblood character race.

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Let Us Build a Yuan-Ti Encounter

In this post, we’ll discuss the Yuan Ti, a writhing snake folk. We’ll examine their Yuan Ti

  • Yuan-ti. Background & Lore
  • Yuan-ti Capabilities/Abilities and Actions
  • Then build an encounter.
  • You may steal, edit, and insert them into your D&D games immediately.

These guys have a good deal of deep mythology and intriguing animals that are associated with the Yuan Ti.

The Encounter’s Objective

Thus, the objective of this encounter will be to incorporate one of your characters’ backstories and to produce something that is fascinating and compelling enough on its own, but may easily be expanded into something much greater later in your campaign.

If you are familiar with the legislation and mechanics governing the Yuan Ti, feel free to skip over to the timestamp right here and head straight to the encounter itself, which will be supplied in a level clickable format at the conclusion of this post.

All right, let us examine the Yuan Ti. The information on the Yuan Ti lore, its powers, and so forth will be taken directly from pages 307 to 310 of the monster guidebook.

The Yuan Ti’s Basic Information

The Yuan Ti are cruel, heartless serpents who like to live in jungles, marshes, and deserts.

They then plot, like many other wicked D & D species, to conquer all other living forms and establish themselves as gods.

Historically, the Yuan Ti were truly people who were among the wealthiest of ancient civilizations, with the largest temples located in the heart of several ancient towns.

This was because their soldiers were among the most renowned combatants of their day, which resulted in the massive growth of their empires.

The Yuan Ti first worshiped the serpent gods for their adoration of the snake, from its motions to the calculation of its lethal attacks and their detachment from petty matters such as emotions.

However, this devotion became fanaticism when the snake gods began to answer Yuan Ti’s petitions and offered them favors in exchange for emulation.

The Yuan Ti began by sacrificing humans, engaging in cannibalism, mating with snakes, and eradicating their humanity entirely in order to become more like their serpent gods in mind and body.

Those who were unable to complete the transition from humanoid to serpent were either enslaved or offered as a sacrifice to the serpent gods.

And over time, people who desire to avoid becoming snake food chipped away at and vanquished the Yuan Ti, causing their numbers to decrease and survivors to seek sanctuary in remote locations. Isolated from society.

Though the Yuan Ti have abandoned their dream of one day conquering the globe, they continue to prey on others’ emotions and greed in order to deceive people into doing their bidding and worship the serpent gods not out of love, but for the ability to one day dominate the world.

Yuan Ti Caste System

Now the Yuan Ti. are spread into three main castes at the top you’ll have the

  1.  Yuan Ti Abominations: 

This Yuan Ti variant resembles a cross between a person and a snake. These animals are at the top of the food chain due to their resemblance to their snake gods, and hence are the most powerful.

  1. Yuan Ti Mallesons: 

They are Yuan Ti variants with a serpentine head, snake arms, or a snake body in place of legs. 

  1.  Yuan Ti Purebloods: 

Another Yuan Ti variant that resembles humans but can be identified with a thorough examination owing to the fact that they typically have some type of snake-like trait, whether it’s serpentine eyes, scaly skin, or anything similar.

Their mission is to infiltrate civilization under the guise of humans in order to capture victims, acquire information, and broker agreements that would advance their purpose.  

Step Blocks in Yuan Ti

Therefore, let us review the Yuan Ti step blocks, which are located on pages 308-310 of the monster handbook. Alternatively, you may utilize Google, a great product that a buddy told me about.

Now, going over each one in detail would make this essay far too lengthy. As a result, we’re just going to go over some of the nice things they all have.

Capabilities/Abilities and Actions

Yuan Ti Pureblood 5e

All Yuan Ti are capable of making a tax with their scimitar and bo, as well as using animal friendliness on snakes and casting suggestions, which can result in some bizarre interactions.

Additionally, they all possess magical resistance, which makes them extremely tough to deal with for lower level casters.

The Abominations and Mallesons Yuan Ti each receive a couple of new cool items. They can use their snake tails to perform biting attacks that also inflict poison damage on their opponents, and they can polymorph into snakes and back into their chew forms.

Additionally, Mallesons contain three distinct step blocks, one for each sort of partial transformation they have received.

For instance, Mallesons, who have a snake body instead of legs, may strangle their opponents but can not perform a biting strike since their heads remain humanoid. On page 309 of the Monster Manual, you’ll find all of these step blocks.

Crafting an Encounter

Now that we’ve cleared up the Yuan Ti. mythology and information dump, let’s begin designing an encounter.

This encounter will target groups between levels 6 and 10, depending on how difficult you want to make it, and will take about one to two sessions, depending on how long you want to drag it out.

The party’s motive should always be personalized for the campaign, but for the purpose of simplicity, let’s suppose someone in your party is searching for someone in their past, and their search has brought them to the Yuan Ti.

If you don’t have a character with such a backstory, you may simply change it out with any NPC that is significant to your group.

However, it would have more emotion and importance if it could be someone from a player’s backstory visiting a very large town with your group.

And we’ll claim they’re already aware that a character from your player’s backstory, whom we’ll name Darren, has been spotted in the company of a shadowy group we’ll call the Anguis.

There is little information about this group save that they dress in black robes that wrap around their bodies from head to toe and conceal their faces with masks.

Additionally, contacting them is extremely difficult unless one goes through the appropriate channels, and many approach them for money or favors in exchange for servitude. It is unknown why the Anguis desire these disciples.

What to do in order to locate the Anguis

Clearly, the next aim at this point is to locate someone who is either a member of the Anguis or knows a great deal about them.

And how your party discovers this is irrelevant. As a result, I like to vibe off of what the party recommends in these instances.

For instance, if the rogue in your party has a criminal history, he might be able to utilize his background feature to call some individuals who know where they are.

Perhaps your party wishes to hang out in the slums and pay off some of the neighborhood’s street gangs, or perhaps they wish to do something completely unique to them.

However, just in case your party isn’t feeling particularly inventive during that session, I prefer to have at least one guaranteed backup choice available to the party, which is the DM’s creation.

Suppose your party learns through word of mouth that there is a merchant in town who is deeply in debt and is meeting with the Anguis tonight in a corner of the slums.

If your party visits, there will be four anguishes standing there with a box of money for the merchants to pay off their debts.

They will then tell him he must take the box home and then accompany them to their temple.

Now, your party can continue to pursue them stealthily. Perhaps they interrogate the merchant later, or perhaps they simply launch the assault.

This quartet of robes

Anguis will be pureblood Yuan-Ti. As a result, your party will have little problem removing them.

They’ll notice the scaly serpent, snakelike skin, and yellow eyes if your party gets a close look at them behind their robes and masks.

If your group interrogates them effectively, they can learn the location of a secret temple a few hours outside of the city and that Darren is within.

Additionally, they will discover that the Anguis are devotees of the serpent God Seth, or an equivalent in your reality.

And they are enacting a ceremony in order for Seth to gaze down on the new followers and choose who is deserving.

Those who are deserving will receive a blessing and admission to their cult. Those who do not comply will be sacrificed or sold as slaves.

Making Party Decisions

Now, your party must make some choices.

  • Perhaps they will simply storm the shrine.
  • Perhaps they’ll attempt to infiltrate and surprise them.

However, my particular favorite will be donning the newly acquired robes and posing as an offering to Seth. Nonetheless, that is only my opinion.

Whatever they do, they will come across ten more robed Yuan Ti Purebloods and a couple of very large snakes crawling around this temple.

Additionally, they will have a bigger robed form that walks as though they lack legs and will remove their robes to show themselves to be Yuan Ti Abominations.

To add to the difficulty of this fight, you might have rather large snakes disguised as Yuanti Mallesons.

Three complex ceremonial circles will be present, as well as a huge metal serpent head with golden eyes and an open mouth.

What Comes Next? Pay Close Attention (Quest Progression)

If the party listens carefully enough before the battle begins, they can hear the Yuan Ti Abomination, who appears to be the cult’s leader, discussing how the ritual will now commence.

The abomination will then slit his throat, deposit his blood in the mouth of the metal serpent head, say an incantation, and place the serpent head.

As so, it indicates one of the ceremonial circles. Each of these three circles will include a humanoid, and Derin will be one of these humanoids.

When the spell is complete, a yellow beam will emanate from the serpent’s mouth and illuminate one of the circles. It will then go to the subsequent circle.

After a period of time has passed, the ritual will conclude with three rounds of battle per participant.

Therefore, let us roll the dice to decide if Seth finds the victim unfit, transforms them into a pureblood, a Mallison, or an abomination, providing a motivation for the party to attempt to halt the ritual before it is finished.

And it is entirely up to your party at this point. What they do from here is a question you must answer for yourself.

  • Why did Darren feel compelled to seek assistance from the youth?
  • Is there any way for the group to interrupt this ritual and reclaim Darren other than combat?
  • Is Darren even interested in the party’s assistance at this time, or is he too far gone?

It may be anything, but regardless of what you choose, I believe your group will have a wonderful time with this one.

Thus, a backstory is established, including a hidden cult and humans transforming into snake monsters. This interaction has already been rather tense. However, how could we make it even hotter if we wanted to?

How to Liven Up the Encounter

What if this Anguis cult is only a tiny sector of a much bigger Yuan Ti. empire, covertly plotting its overthrow, resulting in an infinite number of future encounters?

Of course, we could homebrew some crazier Mallison Transformations to throw your party out during a fight, or we could even homebrew a way for your players to obtain the Yuan-ti abilities themselves.

Finally, what if residents of the surrounding village were in collusion with the Anguis and your party strolled into an ambush? Of course, these are just a few of the numerous ways you may utilize Yuanti in your Dungeons & Dragons adventure.

There are countless ways to spice up this experience. Therefore, please leave your response in the comments area below so that I may geek out and hit myself in the head for not thinking of it.

Additionally, let me know if there are any monsters you’d like me to create an encounter with in upcoming postings.

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