What is Rule 34: Truth About the Internet’s Most Request Rule

Rule 34 is a part of what is known as the rules of the Internet, which you may be able to guess, is a set of random rules that apply to the Internet. 

With a quick look at these rules of the internet, it becomes apparent that they are more humorous than serious. Although there are a select few who take them very seriously, the majority of the Internet looks at them humorously.

The Origin of Rule 34

The idea of developing Internet rules first appeared on the 4Chan Image Board in early 2006, with the first known entry on Encyclopedia Dramatica appearing later that year.

The concept spread like wildfire over the next few years, appearing on numerous websites all over the Internet, particularly in formed communities, which would sometimes add their own rules that only applied to their Website.

With several websites following the humorous but often serious application of the rules, it wasn’t long before they became a popular Internet reference and joke.

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Although many of the laws have evolved over time to meet the unique needs of various cultures.

What is Rule 34?

Rule 34 is one of the prolific rules of the internet which states that ‘There is explicit content, no exceptions’ So what this means, is that whatever that exists in real life, whether animate or inanimate object, living or non-living thing or even made up images, there will be a explicit depiction of it.

Wow!!! For real? So everything that existed as explicit? Now I want you to do a little google search for rule 34 on any object that comes to your mind. 

The chances are that the results will include something unsuitable for work. Do your search and leave a comment with your result below.

The objects we refer to include but not cars, cartoons, actors and actresses, celebrities, humans and animals and every other object, and in most cases, these depictions go better and even beyond the usual regular themes found in mainstream explicit content.

Now let us dive into the real deal. What is Rule 34 that is all over the internet, and could it be harmful to children and young people?

 In various cases of Rule 34, most internet users intentionally depict their favorite inanimate objects like cartoons or animated characters in sexual fantasies. In what is sometimes regarded as’ fan art’

Scholars Analysis of Rule Number 34 of the internet Website

According to two scho; Ars and researchers Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam, “In the present day, Rule 34 spreads as sacred lore on websites and blogs, YouTube videos, Facebook news feeds, Twitter news feeds, and social networking sites such as instagram, etc.”

The fast spreading internet rule is constantly used as a verb, as in ‘I Rule 34’ed Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell on the judging table.

Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam unanimously propose that a major reason why the rule 34 maxim resonated with so many people is simply because “the rule seems true” for “anybody who has spent time surfing the internet for the rule”.

To Doctorow, he believes that the “Rule 34of the internet website can be assumed as a sort of indictment of the internet such as a cesspit of freaks, geeks, and weirdos.

Another prolific Feminist scholar by name Susanna Paasonen concluded that the internet Rule 34, in conjunction with versions of similar internet Rules 35 and 36 and Rule 34, are simply a codification of paraphilias into social identity structures.

Causes of the spread of Rule 34

The main explanation for its wide and bizarre scope is what some have come to refer to as Rule 36.

If you’ve thought about it, there’s someone out there who is obsessed with it.

Three major factors contributed to the spread of rule 34 on the internet, particularly in the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and other parts of Europe.These three causes are:

  1.   High Rate of Divorce
  2.   Technological advancement
  3.   Excess Right given to teens and children

1. High Rate of Divorce

The intolerance of marriage related issues among spouses has led to a high rate of divorce in America and Europe. 

The pains and trauma associated with divorce have made people seek relief on the internet, hence the spread of Rule 34.

Since many people who are divorced are depressed and feel lonely, they intend to search for explicit content related depictions in a quest to calm their nerves and pains.

So many scholars believe this is the major cause of the spread of rule 34 of the internet.

2. Technological Advancement:

The advancement in technology has made the internet a little more harmful, especially with disturbing content.

For some time now, our team has made it a duty to educate many young people, mentioning ‘Rule 34’ as a potential source of information concerning sex.

3.Excess Right given to Teens and Children

The excessive rights given to children and teens is another factor contributing to the wide spread of Rule 34. 

Most times, parents lose control of their children’s usage of the internet. This has also contributed to the spread of the internet rule 34.

Importance of Rule 

Irrespective of what some people may think about rule 34 of the internet, this internet rule also has some vital purposes: it serves all internet users. So now let us walk through some of these purposes served by the rule.

Firstly, the rule serves as a knowledge-based rule for all internet users. It is important that, as you surf the internet day and night, that you should know some of the rules therein. 

This rule’s knowledge warns you to be wary of anything that happens in this world, whether it’s an animate or inanimate object, because there will always be indescency of it, no exceptions.

Second, it is critical for parents whose children are constantly connected to the internet.With the information provided by rule 34, the parents will be informed ahead of time of the danger associated with the rule. 

Thus, they will guide their children, especially the teens, properly on the use of the internet.

Finally, rule number 34 of the internet website has helped many depressed adult people to get relief from their emotions, especially when they are heartbroken in their relationship.

The rule has also helped divorced men and women to heal their invisible wounds left behind by their spouses and loved ones.

The Risks of Rule 34 to Children and Teenagers

In many cases, indescent depictions of images or photos can be very dangerous, violent and highly sexualised.

Some of these depicted images may likely, or, in most scenarios, be distressing to our young children and high school teenagers, who may see some of the images they so much adore or like

Word of Caution 

Please, parents, caregivers, and everyone else, make sure that kids, especially high school students, who are exposed to internet Rule 34 influence fan art are aware that what they are seeing is not real and does not in any way change the character they represent.

Talking to kids about dangerous content on the internet can be intimidating, particularly because it’s something you haven’t seen or seen yourself. 

However, communication is critical, and when you know or believe that a problem could be applicable to a young person in your care, it is critical to discuss the issue sensitively.

Discussing the Danger of Rule 34 with Your Children

How to Engage The Child in a conversation that borders on the issue that concerns the internet rules, especially Rule 34 which has to do with depicted images. 

If you noticed that your children are surfing the internet for things relating to this internet rule. Here are a few suggestions to help you organize the discussion.

  1. You must PAUSE for a short period of time.
  2. THINK of what you will tell them
  3. PLAN what to say.

You have to PAUSE for a while.

You must understand that becoming enraged or emotional over a child viewing depicted images on the internet will not help anyone.Be very cautious and package your words in a friendly manner so that the child will be upset. Don’t get too emotional or angry with the child.

THINK of what you will tell them

One thing you should do to make your points clearer is fact-check your own ideas before you present them to your child. A well thought out plan to start up the conversation may have a positive result.

PLAN what to say

One thing you must do to engage the child in a conversation, is to allow the children to interact naturally, even without pointing out their errors. Encourage them to be authentic and accessible by accepting mistakes.

Draw the child into direct communication with others, speak to them in non-threatening terms and use language that does not make them feel threatened.

Rule 34 Request for Inspection California

Most times, people mistake the rule 34 of the internet for the Rule 34 request for inspection in California. Please keep in mind that the internet Rule 34 differs from the California Rule 34 request for electronic documents.

Here is what the two rules state:

Rule 34 Request for inspection California states that a request for inspection shall set forth the items to be inspected either by item or category, describing each with reasonable particularity, and shall specify a reasonable time, place, and manner of making the inspection”.

On the other hand, Rule 34 of the internet states that “there is indescency, no exceptions.”By implication, rule 34 of the internet website states that there is always indescency in one form or the other in everything that exists in this world.

For details on the Rule 34 request for inspection in California, please read Rule 34. Producing Documents, Electronically Stored Information, and Tangible Things, or Entering onto Land, for Inspection and Other Purposes

Consequences of Rule 34 for Adult People

For adult people who can manage their emotions and feelings, there are not many consequences attached to surfing the internet for depicted cartoon images. 

Please Note: do not confuse this rule 32 with other rule 34’s (though other rules overlap with this rule). Such as US federal courts’ Rule 34


In my opinion, it is OKAY and normal for adult people who want to view depicted cartoon character images. In most cases, this is done to ease depression and loneliness.

So what is your opinion on this topic of RULE 34? Please use the comment box below this post to tell us what you feel about 

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