WAND OF SECRETS: What Every Player Must Know

Wand of secrets is a magical wand that possesses the power to reveal and exposes any hidden passages and traps set by the enemy to cause damage. The wand of secrets is a powerful spell of the dungeon and dragon fifth edition also called D&D 5e.

Attributes of Wand of Secrets

Item Rarity Uncommon
Item Type Adventuring Gear
Subtype Wand
Weight 1

The Standard for 5e Wand of Secrets

Wand of secrets 5e, according to the Dungeon and Dragon handbook, states that: “The wand has 3 Charges. While holding it. you can use an action to expend 1 of its Charges, and if a Secret door or trap is within 30 feet of you, the wand pulses and points at the one nearest to you. The wand regains 1d3 expended charges daily at dawn.”

Brief Description of the Wand of Secrets 5e

Just live every other magical wand, the wands of secrets were typically about 15 inches, that is around (38 centimeters) long. Check out the Kobold 5e: Kobold (Dungeons & Dragons)

Wand of secret door detection is often used for finding and locating the hidden entrance to the temple in Moloch’s Sanctum. The wand can also be used to find the portals on the Elemental Planes.

Powers of Wand of Secrets

Wand of secrets

As the mission progresses, at a point you decide to activated the wand of secrets to assist your mission. At that moment when it is activated, the wand of secrets will detect any nearest door, passages, or trap within a given range of 30 feet or 9.1 meters.

So if the wand of secrets detects any hidden trap or door, it will pulse for a moment and thereafter point directly toward the detected secret trap or door. Check out the Ray of Frost 5e: D&D 5e Ray of Frost in Dungeon and Dragon

The wand of secrets magical power can only be used three (3) time each day, and afterward, the wand will then start to recover its powers gradually at each successive down


  • Curse of Strahd
  • Waterdeep: Dragon Heist
  • Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage
  •  Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernus

Card Games

 Dragonfire (Sword Mountains Crypt). Check out the Shortbow 5e: The Shortbow range 5e in Dungeon and Dragon

Effect of the Wand of Secrets 5e

When activated, the wand has the same effect as a spell of detecting unseen:

  1. When activated the wand detects all undiscovered secret doors, mimics, and traps in a radius of 8 squares in line-of-sight.
  2.  The wand also detects the different locations of the submerged creatures in pools.
  3. The wand also can penetrate the cloud to detect any hidden door on the plane in the air.
  4. The wand also detect nearby monsters that you cannot see due to their invisibility and reveal them to you with a symbol
  5. The Wand also detects marks on spaces without monsters are removed, and monsters that are hiding will be revealed. Read the Pearl of Power 5e Warlock: Magic Item in Dungeons & Dragons
  6. And lastly, engraving with the wand will only auto-identify it if any of these things are present; otherwise, it gives no message.

Strategy for Identification

Identifying this wand is very straightforward, since it is non-directional, and the wands of fire, enlightenment, monster formation, and wish-all of which are also non-directional-have very clear effects and typically self-identify when activated.


 If attuned or activated you gain an extra maximum charge. Also check out the Wall of fire 5e: The 5e Wall of Fire in Dungeon and Dragon


A human attuned gains a second maximum charge, however,  if attuned by a Traladaran then you gain a third maximum charge to the item.

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