The Ugly Truth About URBAN DICTIONARY (Full Review)

The Untold Secret to URBAN DICTIONARY has been revealed in less than ten minutes. As well as the Answerer to Your Most Perplexing URBAN DICTIONARY Questions.

In this post we have made an effort to reveal everything you need to know about the most sorted online dictionaries. enjoy reading 

There is no more vexing individual than the one who attempts to resolve a debate about communism, justice, or liberty by citing from the dictionary. While lexicographers are acknowledged as authority on word usage, they are not the ultimate source of knowledge.. ‘Mortimer J. Adler and Charles Van Doren

 Has the term “Urban Dictionary” ever occurred to you? True. That is admirable. Not at all. Please exercise caution.

What Is an Urban Dictionary?

Urban Dictionary is a crowd-sourced online encyclopedia of slang terms and phrases. It even has a motto of its own: Define your world.

Originally intended to be a dictionary of slang or cultural terms and phrases not frequently found in traditional dictionaries, such as dull words, the Urban Dictionary has expanded to include any word, event, or phrase, including sexual content.

Simple Interface of Urban Dictionary

One amazing thing about the urban dictionary is the simple design of the homepage. The widely used online dictionary’s webpage is professionally designed to give people the experience of surfing the internet.

The website has a wide search box which allows you to insert a word that you may probably want to get the meaning.

The search result pops out in a well arranged manner like a regular dictionary. To make life easy for you, the search result surfaces with a voice which allows you to listen to the search word, and understand the proper pronunciation and phonetics of the word.

Features of the Urban Dictionary

Like we mentioned earlier, the homepage of the dictionary is a user-friendly one with a couple of vital features. These features are as follow:

  • Wide Search Box
  • Browse Menu
  • Category Menu
  • Store Menu
  • Blog Menu

Wide Search Box

On the top of the dictionary webpage is a wide search box. The wide search box is one remarkable feature of the urban dictionary which allows you to insert a word that you may probably want to get the meaning. The result display is laid out in a straightforward manner that aids in quick comprehension.

Browse Menu

The browse menu is located just beside the dictionary logo in the left hand corner of the website. 

The browse menu allows you to access any word of your choice with just a click on the alphabet of the initial of the word you are searching for the meaning in the dictionary.

If you hover over your mouse on the toggle beside the BROWSE menu, it will display a set of alphabets that is arranged from A-Z. You have to click on the alphabet that corresponds to the initial of your search word.

Category Menu

The category menu is another super intuitive menu on the urban dictionary website. It is located beside the browse menu on the right hand side.

The handler of the dictionary arranges the most frequently visited categories in the category menu in the order of priority, such as college, names, drugs, religion, food, and so on.

The categories arranged give you the flexibility of navigating direct to the most relevant topic or category of your choice.

Store Menu

Next to the category menu on the dictionary website is the store menu. The store, as the name implies, is a web store by the promoters of the urban dictionary website.

The urban dictionary’s webstore is used to promote branded products such as branded T-shirts, coffee cups, face masks, and so on.

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The good side of buying any stock from the urban dictionary web store is that the buyer will benefit from the free shipping service to your location. Advertisers are also allowed to buy advertising space on the web store.

Blog Menu

The last but not the list is the blog page menu. The blog page serves as the information hub of the website. The blog page is updated regularly to reflect the best practices and guidelines on the use of the website and the adding of new words.

How to Add New Word to the Urban Dictionary

Adding new words to the dictionary, as well as your own, is simple and straightforward.It requires just a click of a few buttons and your word will be added into the dictionary for public consumption.

I am going to walk you through the few steps required to add a word to the urban dictionary. Please keep in mind that there are criteria and guidelines in place for adding words to the dictionary.

The moderators will review your added word and approve or reject such word, so make sure you read the guidelines carefully on the blog page before going to add a word or two in the dictionary.

Step # 1: Go to the Urban Dictionary’s Official Web Page, navigate to the top right-hand corner, beside the search box. 

Now click on the first PLUS blue button and you will be redirected to an interface in the image below, where you will get some information regarding the new word you want to add to the dictionary.

Step # 2. Now fill up the necessary information as shown on the NEW WORD boxes. Firstly, you are required to fill in the words you want to add and write for the large audience. Make sure every space is filled correctly with the right words and sentences.

Step # 3: Once you have completed all of the information requested by the urban dictionary, click the yellow SUBMIT button….BOOM, that’s all. Now wait for approval by the moderator within minutes or hours.

The Urban Dictionary’s History

Now, let us examine the history of the urban dictionary. Aram Packenham established the website in 1999, while he was a student majoring in computer technology at California Polytechnic State University.

Aram Packenham founded the site primarily to compare urban lingo used by university students in various locations in California.

A fascinating truth is that he first built the Urban Dictionary as a spoof of traditional dictionaries, which he believed were stuffy and took themselves too seriously.

And now, gentlemen, let me  introduce you to the primary features of the Urban Dictionary. Therefore, let us proceed.

The Urban Dictionary’s Operation

Now, allow me to describe how the urban dictionary works, but first, allow me to discuss the urban dictionary’s most valuable features. I’m referring to its content.

To begin, Stigwood’s emphasis in the context of urban dictionary definitions is not on precise definitions, but on descriptions. 

Defining a term in the Urban Dictionary does not always need to present a strict definition, but rather a description of some elements of the word.

A term may astound you by being included in this dictionary. For example, potatoes’ definition is Trillium limitless in a nutshell, Spruance. My Internet, for example, is potatoe.

Second, Urban Dictionary definitions or meanings incorporate subjective judgments, such as one definition of beer. Is this maybe the greatest invention ever made? I truly mean it.

Finally, but certainly not least, is the fact that the Urban Dictionary includes a large number of uncommon, informal words. It also contains offensive material, but highly offensive definitions are quickly voted down by the voting system.

The Urban Dictionary’s Background

It is critical to understand this dictionary and the chronological order of the definitions. Don Rhodes ordered CUFI, some voting systems, and some definitions, and the top one is the largest of that number. The Oxford English Dictionary

While the Urban Dictionary has its own quality control system, we should keep in mind that it is not your typical dictionary.

That is why the acquisition of quality control is also unique in this instance. The issue is that editors are not constrained by any criteria for accepting or rejecting definitions.

How the Urban Dictionary Accepts and Rejects Words

By default, definitions are accepted or rejected depending on the number of votes received by volunteer editors.

Furthermore, who are these editors? We have no idea. However, if a Facebook or Gmail account is required to post and unite the nation, the enigmatic editors are not permitted to edit entries for spelling or punctuation errors.

Additionally, a nickname must be provided. Naturally, the substance of the Urban Dictionary is a point of contention.

Urban Dictionary’s Detractors for Offensive Submissions

Furthermore, Urban Dictionary has been chastised for hosting and failing to remove objectionable submissions, including those with sexist and racist language.

The Urban Dictionary standards, on the other hand, classify hate speech, bullying, and any other remark intended to discriminate or instigate violence against others as reportable offenses. Additionally, there is one more thing.

If you want to meet more people who are passionate about language, join the official Facebook group where they share their work. And I believe that the factor that is tied to content is the contemporary urban world.

On the main page of the Urban Dictionary, you can find an interesting term each day.

They chose terms that are amusing and that readers of Urban Dictionary could enjoy. Therefore, if you have any suggestions, they would welcome them.

Thus, I hope that this information helps you better comprehend this dictionary and why it is unique.

Urban Dictionary’s Interesting Facts

I’m going to show us some more intriguing information about the Urban Dictionary in this section of the post.

Traffic and Site Visitors: To begin, consider the traffic statistics.The statistics are quite astounding, and for some who may not take these dictionaries seriously, we suggest listening to this information in January 2015.

In November 2014, the dictionary contained over seven million meanings, with 2000 new entries added everyday.

According to the website’s advertising page, Urban Dictionary has an average of 18 million unique readers every month.

According to Peckham, overseas visitors accounted for slightly under 14% of the site’s traffic in January 2015, while the site’s audience was largely male and aged 15 to 24 in July 2012.

The Urban dictionary now contains over 12 million definitions, which is an incredible amount. Thus, the amount of traffic for such an odd dictionary is quite substantial.

As you are probably well aware, the urban dictionary contains a large number of definitions and terms. However, for this post, I’ve chosen the most amusing one.

How Linguists Are Using Urban Dictionary

Linguistics and Languages: Linguistics is the study of language from a scientific perspective. 

Linguists study language structurally and employ the domains of phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics, which are concerned with sound, words, sentences, meaning, and interaction, respectively. 

As you can see, this is a fairly conventional definition, followed by an illustration of application.

Urban Dictionary’s Advantages and Disadvantages

As previously said, this is a crowdsourced online dictionary of slang terms and phrases.


Now, what are the benefits of this dictionary? A critical point to remember and a significant advantage of these types of dictionaries are the following:

  • They are continually updated, so you can visit them daily and be certain to discover some new terms, interesting blogs, and it is much easier to add new content than it is with traditional dictionaries.
  • Such dictionaries may be driving linguistic change, rather than simply reflecting the next significant point I’d want to make.
  • Crowd-sourced dictionaries may be a useful supplement to internet sources such as Twitter, blogs, and websites.
  • Individuals can discover and learn new words not just through our dictionary, but also through prominent social media platforms.


So we must recognize that it is not a deal without some drawbacks.

  • The issue is that such dictionaries are occasionally subject to spam and vandalism, as well as unspecified, incorrect, out-of-date, and oversimplified overcomplicating descriptions.
  • Another issue of the collaborative dictionaries is the question of whether their content reflects real changes in the language.
  • It only presents the idea of a specific community.
  • Users express their thoughts and, in general, apologies; you’re worth millions that, on average, will not last.

General Use of the Urban Dictionary

To be completely candid, I’m brave enough to assert that the urban dictionary is utilized for more than just jokes.

The undeniable fact is that, despite its flaws, a sizable number of people utilize this lexicon for scientific purposes.

That is why it is time to discuss the Urban Dictionary’s application. One fascinating fact is that an urban dictionary is a dictionary for everyone, rather than a dictionary for a select few, as traditional dictionaries such as the Oxford dictionary are.

The following are some of the most significant applications of Urban Dictionary:

  1. The Urban Dictionary is being used to develop natural language processing systems for informal, non-standard, and slang language.
  2. The urban dictionary was utilized to develop a text normalization system for speakers, as well as to generate additional training data for a rather particular sentiment lexicon.
  3. Urban Dictionary was used in a recent study to generate non-standard words and phrases automatically. Even linguists from the Urban Dictionary will promise, regardless of what we think, the Urban Dictionary is quite valuable.
  4. It enables academics to monitor phrases that require justification for inclusion in the established lexicon and to ascertain how people use English online.
  5. By the way, if you believe that Ukraine lacks dictionaries, you are dead wrong. This is due to the fact that the Urban Dictionary is extremely popular in Ukraine.
  6. The online encyclopedia of Ukrainian slang operates similarly to the Urban Dictionary.
  7. I almost forgot to mention that you can purchase a paper copy of the Urban Dictionary. There are several editions available.

Top 10 Urban Dictionary Words Everyone Should Know

And now nine urban dictionary definitions that every college student should know are:

# 1. Rendez Booze (n.).

 Rendez Booze a designated time and place to drink with friends. Molly set the rendezvous for 9:00 p.m. at Dirtbag

# 2. Struggle Bus (n.).

a particularly heavy course load. Ted is unable to attend the meeting because he is on a struggling bus.

# 3. Sniff Test (n.).

an olfactory exam of previously worn clothing. Jeff will wear the same shirt from last night because it passed the sniff test.

# 4. Chipmunking (v.).

to cram for a final by listening to recorded lectures at double speed. Ted is on the Struggle bus because he has a Chipmunk Song for Poly Sci

# 5. Dweet (v.)

to tweet while drunk. Jenny tweeted a terrible selfie from the bar bathroom

# 6. Shambles (n.).

A state of embarrassment and confusion. The rendezvous went into shambles when Jenny had a fight with the bouncer.

# 7. Peegret (n.).

remorse for leaving the bar without relieving oneself. Molly squatted behind a bush to deal with her regret.

# 8. Ninja sex (n.).

silent intercourse. While your roommate sleeps. Jenny and Jeff had ninja sex while Molly was passed out.

# 9. College morning (n.).

In the afternoon, I’ll see you first thing in the morning, so around 1:00 p.m. For more definitions, go to Urban you’re there, be sure to look up disaster bait. It’s funny and sad.

# 10. Rule 35

 Rule 34 states that ‘There is porn, no exceptions’ So what this means, is that whatever that exists in real life, whether animate or inanimate object, living or non-living thing or even made up images, there will be a pornographic depiction of it.


That concludes our discussion for the time being. We hope you enjoyed this article and learned something new; we can confidently say that the Urban Dictionary will alter your perception of dictionaries.

If this article has inspired someone to pursue new research and accomplishments, we encourage them to not waste time and to go for it.

Frequently Asked Questions (People also ask) 

What does OOMF mean?

Oomf is a texting acronym that stands for “one of my friends” or “one of my followers.” This is a way to make a passing reference to someone without directly addressing them.

Brief History of OOMF (How OOMF Came)

Prior to acquiring its current meaning, oomf, which was formerly spelled oomph, only referred to something resembling a touch of je ne sais quoi.

In this context, it refers to an unknown quality that would take something to the next level, such as adding oomf to a party by including loudspeakers or adding oomf to an outfit by wearing the perfect shoes.It is also an onomatopoeia for the sound of disappointment or exhaustion.

The OOMF had acquired an unrelated meaning on Twitter in time: It means one of my followers. 

Although the actual date and creator of the acronym are unknown, it has been used as a hashtag for that purpose since March 2010.

OOMF became popular in 2011, and was so popular that it was added to the Twittonary and the Urban Dictionary early that year.Since then, the meaning OF THE OOMF has remained relatively static.

What does OOMF Mean on Twitter

On Twitter, the term OOMF is frequently used to refer to “One Of My Followers” or “One Of My Friends.”

What does YEET mean?

Yeet means To quickly dispose of something, for example, Jerry finishes his soda and then empties it into a trash can.”YEET!” was added to the n Urban Dictionary by Le anonymous December 28, 2 017

What does OOOF mean?

According to the urban dictionary, “OOF” is a term for pleasure that is occasionally used in lieu of “My God!” or “Oh my Lord.” “OOF ” is an expression used to express pain, discomfort, or a feeling of sickness; it is usually said with a displeasure expression on one’s face.

What does WBK mean?

According to the urban dictionary, WBK stands for “We Been Knew”. WBK is an internet acronym used by internet users in responding to someone’s opinion on a particular topic or issues is obvious.

We know is a response to indicate that whatever someone just said was obvious to a majority of people.

The phrasing WBK is a mere play on the poor dialect that is spoken by the uneducated and ignorant.

For example, “Did you see that trending video of Kanye? I can not believe how arrogant that dude is! ” “Kanye? Arrogant? We know WBK “

The WBK acronym was coined and added to the urban dictionary by Daft Clown on February 17, 2018.

What does WTM mean?

WTM is an abbreviation for “What’s The Matter?” on the internet.

Now that you know what WTM stands for, you can do us a favor and leave a comment below with your interpretation of the term.

Many people search the internet daily to determine what WTM means in texting. WTM is an acronym, abbreviation, or slang term that is defined and explained above.

What does WTF mean?

WTF is an acronym for ‘What the fuck’, according to the urban dictionary. The majority of people follow up with a question mark to emphasize their argument.

Instead of repeating the term for the remaining ‘w’s, who, when, where, and why, it is more natural to express the word directly followed by’tf’.

Capitalization is irrelevant here. The term WTF is also interchangeable with the phrase ‘What the shite?’, which is more amusing and has a comparable meaning.

Chalupamonk created and uploaded the acronym WTF to the urban lexicon on March 03, 2003.

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