UNO REVERSE CARD: What Everyone Must Know

Have you ever wondered, paused, or considered why the UNO reverse card appears to be everywhere and spreading like a wildfire? 

It gives me great pleasure to inform you that the famous No U Uno card Meme has finally made it to the big leagues of the internet, and we are now officially living in the world of shitposting. 

However, the UNO Reverse Card is actually based on a true tale.The Uno reverse card can be simply referred to as a creative work of art. 

The word “UNO Reverse Card” refers to a playing card in the game UNO that reverses the order of the game’s turns and is used metaphorically to refer to a comeback or karmic reversal of events.

This category of this website is dedicated to the Uno reverse card. So, if you want to make a contribution in honor of the No u reverse card, please kindly use the comment box below.

The objective of The Uno Reverse Card Game

The main goal of the Uno Reverse Card game for players who enjoy playing reverse card games is to be the first player to reach 500 points in the game.

Basically, the points in the reverse card game are scored by being the first player to get rid of all the cards in your hand before your opponents can do so. 

So, what this means, is that you will score some points for the number of cards that are left in the hands of your opponents.

How To Play Uno Reverse 

STEP # 1.

To begin the Uno reverse, first, all the players involved will pick a card. So after picking the card, the player that happens to pick the highest numbered card gets a deal.

Note: At this point of the Uno reverse, the Action Cards count as nothing or rather zero (0).. 

STEP # 2.

So, immediately, Uno cards are shuffled and each player has received seven cards, the game is ready to begin.

STEP # 3.

Now the remainder of the cards, after each player got his/her seven cards, are placed face down to form a DRAW pile. 

Now the top card of the card placed face down earlier to form a DRAW pile will be turned over in order to begin a DISCARD pile. 

So, in the event that an Action Card is the first one turned face up from the DRAW pile, then there are special rules that may apply in such a case. 

STEP # 4. 

OK now, the player who is positioned on the dealer’s left hand side is to initiate the play. The player must find a card on the DISCARD pile that corresponds to the card on the DISCARD pile in some way, such as by number, color, or symbol.

For instance, if the card is red (7), the player must place a red or any other color (7) card on the table. Or as a rule, the player is obliged to place a WILD card on the table.

STEP # 5.

Now, if the player does not possess a card that matches the one on the DISCARD pile, he or she will be prompted to draw from the DRAW pile. 

If the card chosen or drawn is playable, the player will place it down in the same turn.Else, the game play moves onto the next player in turn. 

STEP # 6.

At this point, the Uno Reverse Card No U players may elect to discard an otherwise viable card from their hand. If this is the case, the players are required to draw a card from the DRAW pile. 

Finally, if the card is usable, it may be placed in the same round, but the player may not use a card from his or her hand following the draw.

What is a UNO Reverse Card?

The UNO Reverse Card, formerly known as the ‘Uno Reverse Card No U,’ denotes a statement made in response to another’s threat to do something harmful to you. But later results in those making such threats inflicting harm on themselves.

Reverse Uno is a well-known card game in which players take turns pairing a card in their hands with the current card on top of the game, which can be either by color or by number.

 The term “UNO Reverse Card” refers to a playing card in the game of UNO Reverse that changes the order of shuffled cards and has since been used metaphorically to refer to a comeback or a bunch of Karma in the course of circumstances.

In Reverse Card, a player may have an unlimited number of perfect players, but you can not stack in uno. The reverse uno cards used in playing this game include skips, reverses, draw twos, wild and draw four cards. 

It is good. However, to know that the best card in the kit is the one that would have to be the UNO Reverse Card

The Origin of the UNO Reverse Meaning

The phrase UNO Reverse derives its meaning from a 2018 Urban Dictionary definition.

An ardent user compared the UNO reverse card to a ‘upgraded No U’, and used a real imaginary scenario to cite an example. Here is the example: “Mr. Jeff: insults his friend Jack. Then Jack pulls out a reverse Uno card.and Jeff: dies. 

The Urban Dictionary’s present definition of the word UNO Reverse card is now; a super term that no single game player can ever resist.

Research has proven that a hybrid of a traditional card game and internet usage addiction has resulted in the emergence of this frequency and a new language. 

This is an excellent illustration of the internet’s influence on the development of new cultural forms, ideas, and languages. 

The fact that it evolved from a traditional card game demonstrates the organic nature of games and play in the twenty-first century.

Functions of The Action Cards In UNO Reverse Card

When an Uno reverse card is played, the direction of play is reversed according to the Official Uno rules of the game. For example, if the play was formerly clockwise, it has been reversed anti-clockwise, and vice versa.

In earlier versions of Uno Reverse, though according to the game’s official rules, a reverse card doubled as a Skip Card when there were only two players. 

Many reverse uno games continue to apply this rule in their play, despite the fact that it is officially defunct.

Now let us dive into the main functions of the Action Cards in the UNO Reverse Card game, as well as when the Action Cards may be played. 

Below are the 5 main functions of the Action Card in Reverse Uno

# 1. Draw Two Cards

UNO Reverse Card

As a rule, anytime this card is played, the next player to play must draw two cards and thus miss his or her turn. 

Again, according to Official Uno rules, the Draw-two-card can only be used on cards of the same color and other Draw Two cards.And if the card is turned up at the start of the play, it is expected that the same rule will apply..

# 2. Reverse Card 

UNO Reverse Card

In a nutshell, the Reverse Card simply means a reverse direction of play. That is, the play will have to change its direction to the right, and or to the left and vice versa. 

As a rule of application, the Reverse card can only be played on a matching color or on another Reverse card, and this rule should be applied strictly. 

If the Reverse card is turned up at the start of gameplay, as a rule, the dealer goes first, and after that the play moves to the right rather than moving to the left. 

# 3. Skip Card

UNO Reverse Card

Again, the skip card simply talks about the player who plays next after this card is laid forfeits, his or her turn and gets skipped. As the rule implies here, the card may be used only on a card of the same color or on another Skip card.

Note that if a Skip card is drawn at the start of play, the player to the dealer’s left is skipped, and the player to that player’s left begins play.

# 4. Wild Card

UNO Reverse Card

The purpose of this card is to allow the player who is presently playing it to request any color in order to continue the play, in addition to the one presently being played.

A wild card may be played at any moment, regardless of whether the player currently holds another playable card in his or her hand.

If a wild card is dealt at the start of the game, the player on the dealer’s left chooses the color that will be used to continue the game.

# 5. Wild Draw Four Card

UNO Reverse Card

As a player of the Uno Reverse Card game, I think the wild draw four card is the best card to have in your possession. 

The rules of the game require the player who plays the card to call the color that the game will continue to play.

In addition, the following player must pick up four cards from the DRAW pile or forfeit his or her turn.

Regrettably, the wild draw four card can only be used by the player who does not have a card in his or her hand that matches the color on the DISCARD pile.

The Wild Draw Four card, on the other hand, can be used if the player has matching numbers or action cards.

A player with a Wild Draw Four in UNO Reverse may opt to trick and play the card unfairly, but if detected, specific regulations apply.

Finally, when the card is drawn or turned up at the start of the game, then it has to be returned to the deck and a new card will be chosen.

Uno Reverse Card Images (No U Uno Images)

Over the past 4-6 decades, the Uno reverse card has taken on a variety of forms in various Uno reverse games and has been portrayed by a variety of artwork and we have made an effort to get you a few popular Uno Reverse card images on the internet.. 

This list of Uno reverse card images is one of the most complete collections of official Uno reverse card images online.

This is, nevertheless, a work in progress, because we will keep uploading them as soon as we get hold of any. 

In the meantime, if you have a reverse card in your image archive that we haven’t listed here, please let us know in the comments section.

Table of Uno Reverse Card Images

Going Out of UNO 

It’s a rule that a player must shout out louder “UNO” when he or she has just only one card left (meaning “one”). The implication is that, if you do shout out louder, you’ll have to draw two cards from the DRAW pile.

When a player runs out of cards, the hand is ended. After the points are scored, the game is restarted.

If the last card played in a hand is a Draw Two or Wild Draw Four card, the next player must draw those two or four cards.

When the points are total, these cards are counted. The deck is reshuffled and play resumes if no player has run out of cards by the time the DRAW pile is exhausted.

How UNO is Scored 

The scoring for the UNO Reverse Card is a simple one. To win in UNO, you simply end up with more cards in opponents’ hands than you.

It means that the first person to get rid of the cards in his or her hand earns points for as many cards left in opponents’ hands as shown below.

  • All the card numbers are (0-9) ======= > > > > >. Face Value Draw
  • Draw Two. ======= > > > > >. 20 Points
  • Reverse ======= > > > > > 20 Points
  • Skip ======= > > > > > 20 Points
  • Wild ======= > > > > > 50 Points Wild 
  • Draw Four ======= > > > > > 50 Points

 Determining of The UNO Reverse Card Game 

In order to be crowned the Winner of the Reverse Uno, the player must be the first person to score 500 points. 

Additionally, the game may be marked by keeping a continuous tally of the number of points at which each player gets caught one-handed.

When one person has finished the game with a score of 500, the one with the least points gets the win.

 The Penalties for UNO Reverse Card 

Now let’s talk about the penalties for players on Uno Reverse card. To begin with, any player who forgets to yell “UNO” before his or her last card lands in the DISCARD pile, but later remembers and yells “UNO” before any other opposing players can. 

Such a player is safe and is not subject to penalty in any form.

However, if the player is caught by an opposing play and does not yell UNO before the last card touches the DISCARD pile. Such a player is not safe and will be penalized with additional cards.

A player may not be penalized for failing to say “UNO” when the r second-to-last card touches the DISCARD without the opposing players noticing your failure.

Additionally, a player may not be penalized for failing to say “UNO” when the opposing player begins his or her turn without noticing your failure.

The term “beginning a turn” refers to either drawing a card from the DRAW pile or playing a card from your hand.

Players who make a card play against their fellow players, whether knowingly or unknowingly, must draw two cards from the DRAW pile.

In the event that a player plays the wrong card and it is detected by another player, such a player must take the card back from the DISCARD pile and thereafter take 2 extra cards as a punishment from the DRAW pile.

 Play continues with the next person in turn. If a Wild Draw Four card is played illegally (that is, if the player holds a matching color to one that’s on the DISCARD pile) and the person who plays it is challenged, the hand must first be shown to the player who has made the challenge. 

Again, if the Wild Draw Four card is fraudulently played, the infringing player is required to draw four cards. If the card is appropriately played, the challenger must draw two additional cards in addition to the four already drawn.

The challenge can be made only by the player who is obligated to pick up the four cards following the placement of the Wild Draw Four card.

What happens if you Photocopy an Uno Reverse Card

Please watch the short video explanation below to understand what will happen if the Uno Reverse card is photocopied.

Two Handed Play (UNO Card Game With Two Players)

The following special rules may be applied when playing the Uno Card game with two players:

  • For instance, you are playing a Reverse card that acts like a Skip. The rule of the game says that the player who plays the Reverse may subsequently play another card immediately. 
  • Secondly, by the application of the UNO card rule, a player playing a Skip card may be required to subsequently play another card immediately.
  • Thirdly, in an instance when one player plays a Draw Two card and the other draws two cards, the game is reset to the first player.
  • The Wild Draw Four card works on the same concept. In all other cases, the standard UNO card game rules apply

UNO Reverse Card Partners and Multi-Table Tournament

In the UNO card partner’s tournament, partners are seated across from one another. out of when one person goes. Both players and points are tallied and distributed equally between the two teams.

Four players each have four different partners, and play four hands with each.

For every partnership, every participant keeps a running tally of points. In several rounds, the one who manages to accumulate the highest score wins.

If two different games are being played with eight players, each player each having four opponents, it is possible to play at two tables, and each player’s partners are partners in one, but it takes eight hands to complete (a total of 28 hands).

Each game the players are kept to a tally of what they’ve got each time they are caught in their hands. When a number of specific points is reached, maybe 500, the player is no longer in the game.

When there are just two people remaining, they meet each other head-on. When a player is designated, he or she loses when he or she exceeds the goal. The game is considered a winner.

UNO Reverse Card Memes (No U UNO Memes)

OK, guys, now let me talk about one of the most popular UNO reverse search terms, UNO Reverse Card Memes, also known as No U UNO Memes.

In fact, any article on UNO game can not be completed without mentioning the UNO Reverse Memes or No U UNO Memes.

In a simple term, the Uno reverse card meme is just telling you about the playing of an Uno reverse card against a real-world event (usually an unfavorable one) and returning the real-world event.

It is worth noting that the Uno reverse card meme trend began sometime in 2018 when someone in the Caribbean linked Uno to the already existing “No U” meme. 

As a result, the trend began to spread around the world, and similar No U memes emerged, which made sense given the fact that “No U” is an inversion of “Uno.”

List of UNO Reverse Card Memes

So, after the first UNO reverse card emergence in 2018, many internet users began to transform the “No U” Uno card meme into various forms of the Uno reverse card meme and a great amount of amusement, usually accompanied by laughter, ensued. 

There is no doubt that the No U Uno card meme is still alive and well, which adds to the fun.

Below is the list of some of the common Uno reverse card memes you can find on the internet..

The ‘No U’ trend has beenhanging around the meme-o-
sphere for a minute now, butthey’re still pretty damnamusing! #Memes #NoU#Dank #Uno #Games#CardGame
The Thanos Uno Reverse Card MemeThanos believes he is an iron reverse superman, even though is a UNO Meme
A Death UNO Reverse Card Meme
Superman Uno Reverse Card Meme

A typical Water Uno Reverse Card Meme

Adolf Hitler UNO Reverse Card Meme
A Sample of a Chunky Cat Uno Reverse Card MemeBrainless Man UNO Reverse Card Meme

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