SMINEM | Untold Story of The Boy Sminem

So, after parsing through the comments on my Bogdanoff Twins post, it became clear to me that I needed to write a post covering the Smitham and all of his disheveled glory.

So what exactly are we looking at here? Well, like the twins, M. has become a popular meme within the online stock and crypto communities.

But unlike the twins, where they’re associated with market crashes and bad days, Smitham is associated with bull markets, green days, and he’s often referred to as the harbinger of green candles.

OK, so maybe he’s not often called that, but I thought it sounded cool in recent years. Sminem has accumulated somewhat of an online cult following.

But with that said, in this post we will be looking at the following subtitles.

  • Who is Sminem?
  • What does this large-eared Russian boy have to do with the markets?
  • What is the history and origin of Sminem?
  •  And why have online communities become so enthralled with him?

Well, today I’m hopping into this Sminem sinkhole and getting to the bottom of this iconic cryptocurrency.

Who is Sminem?

Sminem is an image of a little handsome boy wearing a white sleeveless shirt showing a wide image of the prolific American rapper Eminem on the shirt…

It was discovered that “Eminem” was misspelled as “Sminem.”While the photograph depicts the real Eminem,

The image of the young boy who was wearing it was later shared across the internet in the Republic of Russia as well as on the Reddit platform.

The image of the little boy became a meme on the internet and social media, and the meme later appeared on the 4chan boards, increasing the boy’s virality.

What is Sminem Real Name

Sminem’s birth name is Romario Zuev and he is a Russian national. Smineme is Boris’s very close buddy, as seen in the initial arc of the release.

Sminem spends most of the manga’s early section pointing Boris toward his nuclear ancestors and subsequently becomes a guide to Boris on his journeys into the Stock Realm.

Sminem was crippled and eventually murdered by the Bogdanoff Twins as a showcase in the events depicted in section 62, but he was later resurrected for Boris’ final arc.

History of Boy Sminem

Now, let us go into the Sminem saga. The Sminem saga began in 2014 on a Russian website called Pikabu.

The photo in the post depicted a large-eared adolescent boy wearing what seemed to be a Chinese Sminem bootleg.

On 4 April 2014, a user on the Pikabu forum posted a thread titled Justice Sminem with a white face holding a black hand.

The photo in the post depicted a large-eared adolescent boy wearing what seemed to be a Chinese Sminem bootleg.

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It appears as though whoever created this Sminem was attempting to circumvent copyright and hence substituted the E with an S, so creating Sminem.

This was Sminem’s first known appearance on the Internet, and users were immediately attracted to the odd-looking gentleman.

Although some people believe the origin of Sminem is shady and not actually in the public domain. However, some teams of nuclear scientists have suggested the boy, Sminem, was an end product of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant meltdown.

This fact, however, is seen to be true to some extent because of the Sminem mutant physiology, which demonstrated exceptional resistance to the Boris manga’s conventional nuclear aura.

This ability allows them to move as a pair and travel as a group on their mission to achieve a goal, particularly in the first episode of the Boris manga.

History shows that Sminem has been in the Stock Realm for more than one calendar year. Until his closest ally, Boris, was revived in 1998, and after his revival, Sminen rose to prominence as a celebrated cryptologist.

Some schools of thought believe that Sminem first appeared when Boris was walking through the desolate wastelands of Worthing, attempting to follow-up on the detonation of the RD-S-46 trial warhead, which occurred in that Manga.

Boris was attacked by the Bogdanoff -Twins at this point, but he was quickly revived due to the activation of the CRAB-17.

As the conflict appeared hopeless, Sminem switched from the Market Dimension to the actual world and rescued Boris first before the twins could retake him.

Sminem, what does this Russian Boy with Big Ears have to do with the market?!!

Some forum users taunted the user by comparing him to Chabrol. Oska was a larger, legendary Russian animation character, while others observed his hazy resemblance to a wide number of ignorant NPC characters.

However, the jokes were generally lighthearted, and the enigmatic Eminem became the forum’s favorite meme.

Users expressed an unexplained admiration for the individual, which grew and extended to other corners of the Internet.

As the years passed, more photographs of Eminem began to surface on various online forums.

Although it is unknown who published these images on the Internet, it is likely that they were leaked from Eminem’s social media accounts by someone who knew him in real life.

These incremental Eminem photo dumps will provide an insight into the man behind the man.

In the meme, he mostly appeared to be a typical Russian child, hanging out with friends, visiting the zoo, and spending time with his mother.

How the Sminen Russian Crypto Boy Gained Popularity.

Sminem’s spread started when his photo was posted by an anonymous person on the internet. A few days later, the Russian boy’s picture was reposted on Reddit on a popular Russian page, /r/ANormalDayInRussia, in 2015, and the image received over 900 upvotes.

Then, later in 2016, the image of the Russian boy, Sminem, was reposted on /r/funny, and it gained over 30 upvotes. And in May of the same year, the photo was officially submitted to Shitpostbot-5000.

When the image of the Russian boy, Sminem, appeared on the 4chan image board, it received a lot of attention.The image entered the league of large image memes on the internet as soon as it was circulated on the 4chan board in October 2016.

So after the image appeared on the 4chan board, beginning in January 2017, more images of the little Sminem started pumping out on the internet in their thousands.

Continuing with the spread, in the early days of 2018, precisely January, February and March, Sminem automatically became a new mascot for 4chan’s /biz/ board, where members joked about him as if he were symbolic of a cryptocurrency market success story.

Two Twitter users, namely CryptoSminem and PeterLBrandt, repeatedly uploaded photos to the board with different images of the boy, adding to the legend that Sminem was a bitcoin pioneer.

So the spread continued, and in February 2018, an anonymous user started a thread looking for Photoshop photos of the character, to which other users contributed their alterations of the image, as well as additional images of the youngster.


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