18 Major Unspoken Rules of the Internet?

The phrase “Rules of the Internet” refers to a satirical collection of unofficial guidelines for online behavior or axioms about what the internet is and how users can interact with it.

It is a weak set of rules and aphorisms that originated on the notorious 4chan ImageBoard.

Depending on who you ask, the internet rules are either not meant to be taken seriously or are very serious business.

The majority of the rules of the internet are irrelevant even within the culture from which they originated, and the list is constantly evolving, but a few have gained notoriety due to Memetic Mutation.

The Origin of Rules of the Internet

The idea of developing Internet rules first appeared on the 4Chan Image Board in early 2006, with the first known entry on Encyclopedia Dramatica appearing later that year.

The concept spread like wildfire over the next few years, appearing on numerous websites all over the Internet, particularly in formed communities, which would sometimes add their own rules that only applied to their Website.

With several websites following the humorous but often serious application of the rules, it wasn’t long before they became a popular Internet reference and joke.

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Although many of the laws have evolved over time to meet the unique needs of various cultures.

The 18 Major Rules of the Internet

Thought the rules of the internet may look as if its longer than the 18 i have listed here, Well, that exertion maybe correct. Most often purple to mistaken the rules to 48, which is tactically wrong.

The rules are in set of 18, that is there are combinations of the rules. For example Rule1-33 is a combination which states Do not talk about the rule Below is the list of 18 Rules

1) Do not talk about rules 2-33

34) There is indescent content of it. No exceptions.

35) The exception to rule #34 is the citation of rule #34.

36) Anonymous does not forgive.

37) There are no girls on the internet.

38) A cat is fine too

39) One cat leads to another.

40) Another cat leads to a zippocat.

41) Everything is someone’s sexual fetish.

42) It is delicious cake. You must eat it.

43) It is a delicious trap. You must hit it.

44) /b/ sucks today.

45) male reproductive part goes in here.

46) They will not bring back Snacks.

47) You will never have sex.

48) ???

49) Profit.

50. You can not divide by zero

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