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Roll20 5e Guide|Easiest Token Maker 2021

Roll20 popularly called Roll20 5e is one of the most popular free online games and virtual tabletop role-playing game websites in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. 

The Roll20 is an award-winning virtual based tabletop role-playing games that can be used as a platform for playing in-person games or playing remotely.

Roll20 is a website that’s known to have consistently provides its users powerful toolset such as the character builder, the map tools, super dynamic lighting, excellent video and voice chat, and wonderful dice roller toolsets. See also the Wild Kratts Games: Wild Kratts Full 157 Episodes

If you’re a registered member of the Roll20 5e, you can explore the full digital conversion of the Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) official contents. Such as playing adventures, drag & drop monsters, super integrated rulebooks, and much other great content.  

Roll20 has made indeed make playing dungeons and dragons with family and friends across the globe easy and free to use. You can browse games with complete toolset features on Roll20 to quickly build a roll20 character sheet, you also roll dice and launch any campaign of your choice.

Users of Roll20 5e

Roll20 currently has over 5,000,000+ uses worldwide with the United States and the United Kingdom as the top users of Roll20 free online games and virtual tabletop role-playing games.

But don’t sign up for Roll20.net yet, just keep reading to learn more about the roll20 token maker, roll20 macros, roll20 app, roll20 character sheet, a toolset that gives you a seamless playing time with Roll20 5e

The Date Roll20 Was Launched

The Roll20 website was launched on 17 September 2012 after an unbelievable kick-Starter campaign success by the owner, the Orr Group, LLC in the United States.

Who Are The Creators of Roll 20

Roll 20 5e was created by three gentle lads name Riley Dutton, Nolan Jones, Richard Zayas. The goal behind the creation of the Roll 20 free online games platform is to provide users with the best online virtual tabletop for pen and paper RPGs and board games experience.

The Roll 20 platform has some kind of blank slate-nature which makes it possible to integrate a large number of tabletop role-playing games. As the COVID-19 pandemic ravages, the world the Roll20 5e platform allows its users various real-time games to transition in the online space.

The Fastest Roll20 Token Maker

The fastest Roll20 token maker is the Tactical Token Stamp Maker tool; it is a simple and easy to use tool. It allows you to create a custom token stamp super-fast with just three steps. Note that this can also use to create a Foundry Virtual Tabletop token (VTT).

Foundry Virtual Tabletop token, modern self-hosted software for playing your favorite tabletop RPGs online with your friends. modern self-hosted software for playing your favorite tabletop RPGs online with your friends.

Here are the simple steps to create Roll20 Token

  •   Simply drag and drop your image to upload, and adjust it the way you what it
  •   Add any border of your choice
  •  Download your character token stamp for use on the Roll20 virtual tabletop simulator
Fastest Roll20 Token maker

After adjusting and tweaking the image to your satisfaction, the final step is th click the download image button to get a stamped image. 

Example of the final image

Roll20 5e Guide

Here is the Tactical Tokens tool for Roll20 token maker.

Another incredible Roll20 token maker tool is the RollAdvantage token stamp. It is super and seamlessly easy to use token maker.  Personally use this tool to add to my portfolio of tokens for my online virtual tabletop board games.

One little set back to this Roll20 Token Maker is the complexity of its interface. Unlike the Tactical Token maker, this tool is a bit of complex interface but with more functionalities that allows you to beautifully looking Roll20 Token. Honestly speaking, this tool is one the best Roll20 Token Maker tool on the internet

RollAdvantage token stamp

Here is the RollAdvantage token stamp for the Roll20 token maker.

The Release of Roll20 App

The Roll20 App is still in the early development stage, and according to the Roll20 team, the timeline for the launching of the app is subject to change. (Oct.24th 2020). See also the PBS KIDS: Everything You Need To Know About PBS KIDS

A video trailer released by Roll20 showed some progress that has been made so far on the Roll20 App. The Roll20 incoming mobile app for android and iPhone, they said, it will be a companion app for android and iPhone users in the Rool20 platform.

As of the time, this press was released, the team of Roll20 developers was working on the character sheet integration and mobile dice rolls that go straight from the app to the Virtual tabletop.

The Roll 20 app is in the internal testing stages, with a closed beta coming soon and a more open beta after that. Check out the video trailer of the app below.

How to use Roll20

To Get Started with Roll20 and start to play games anywhere and also share them with anyone, is simple and requires few steps.  With Roll20 as your virtual tabletop, your adventures are limitless.is simple and requires only four steps

 Step 1: Sign Up

Create your free account. Everything else is right in your browser – There is absolutely nothing to download or install.

Step 2: Choose a Game

Build your own game from scratch, you can also buy a ready-to-play adventure in the Roll20 marketplace, or join someone’s game. It’s all your choice

Step 3: Invite Friends

Share a link with your existing group or find a new party with the Join a Game feature.

Step 4: Play

Start gaming! We’ve got you covered from basic rolls to advanced calculations, turn trackers to simple markers.

Join 5 Million players and GMs playing hundreds of systems by creating your Roll20 free account here

 The Roll 20 Community

The Roll 20 vibrant community is a place to find people to round out your party, or start with a fresh pack of players. You can even find a game starting right away.

Yes, all are possible because of the Roll20 5e amazing community. Once you find them, it’s easy to play and connect with built-in video and voice chat, text chat, and integrated rolling. Create Your Free Account Now.

The Customization

Roll20ia highly customizable with hassle free integrations to across many platforms. Here are some of tyhe customizable features.


This feafure allows you to upload your own or choose from our Marketplace full of talented artists.

Character Sheets

There are hundreds of sheets to automatically track and calculate character information, or build your own. Read more information on the Roll20 character sheet

Programming Scripts

Automate tedious game mechanics: get hundreds of options you can add with one click.

Roll20 is Always Evolving and Innovating 

Playing your best game is faster, better, and easier on Roll20 . The platform is  always improving. From the best Dice Engine on the internet to immersive features like Dynamic Lighting, Roll20is to making  your game nights better than you could have imagined possible.

Wrapping Up

The Roll20 a dedicated and serious minded teamyjat allows gamers across the the world to unit via a single platform

This means that the Roll20 yeam always  strive to lessen the technical burden on the participants, facilitate the formation of new gaming groups, and to make barriers to entry as few as possible when gathering around a table for camaraderie. 

To accomplish these goals Roll20 has seek to create a service that is sustainable and will be a resource to the gaming community as long as it is needed.


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