Reddit Soccer | Best Soccer Subreddit To Join in 2021

Reddit soccer comes to mind whenever you think about getting the latest soccer news, hot discussion on soccer related issues, player updates, transfers, and ultimately, football and soccer betting odds that will make you a lot of money. 

In fact, my friend Kevin once told me that I could not live this life without the reddit soccer subreddit platform. 

According to Kevin, “I get the latest soccer news, updates and the most fun is that I get daily sure football odds that are 90-95 percent sure to win, and I have made a lot of money from the reddit soccer subreddit forum,” he concluded.

What is Reddit soccer?

Reddit soccer is a football and soccer lovers’ subreddit forum for all football news, football results, and fantastic discussions about the beautiful game of soccer across the world.

The r/soccer subreddit is a 24 hour live and bubbling forum on reddit where soccer and football are discussed immensely. See also REDDIT SOCCER STREAMS | 4 ALTERNATIVE WEBSITES FOR REDDIT SOCCER STREAMS

With over 2million members, reddit soccer is indeed the number one subreddit soccer forum in the United States as well as the United Kingdom and the world at large.

Reddit Soccer Members 

The reddit soccer subreddit has 2.9million active members and over 18k active online per minute. This makes the r soccer subreddit the most active soccer forum on reddit.

Another good thing about the members of this great forum is the privilege all members have to respond intelligently to questions asked by other members.

The back page of the internet, as the reddit soccer is fondly called, is living up to its name. It accommodates all members with a one-stop solution and answers to all soccer discussion and updates.

The R/Soccer Rules 

Like every other subreddit, r/reddit has its own rules and guidelines for the modus operandi of the group members. See also REDDIT NBA STREAMS | HOW TO STREAM NBA GAMES FOR FREE

Basically, there are ten group rules of the reddit soccer micro blog forum on reddit and these rules include

  1. Follow and abide by the rules of reddiquette
  2. Avoid the following posts and assertions: racism, sexism, xenophobic attacks, and any offensive words against group members.
  3. Always be within the soccer topic and do not deviate from it.
  4. Do not spam the group with irrelevant posts.
  5. Plagiarism or duplicate of member posts is forbidden in the group.
  6. Avoid NSFW content
  7. Your posts and news on reddit soccer must have a link to the original content or post+
  8. Only post images that are most relevant to your post and must be soccer related.
  9. Do not use shocking titles, but rather use factual or objective titles.
  10. If possible, make a summary of the hard play content but do not copy it.

The above are the basic rules guiding members of Reddit soccer for engagement at all times. Please be sure you keep the rules and do not break any of them or you will be banned and blocked from participating in forum activities.

When was Reddit Soccer Created

The subreddit known as r reddit was created in 2008 by a group of soccer lovers. With the subreddit and r reddit, football fans can stream live games on the platform. Reddit soccer has garnered over 2 million fans as a member.. 

With reddit soccer, members and fans of the group can stream live football or soccer games on the go as they are played, as shown below. With this feature, fans are always happy as they watch live soccer and interact as they watch their favorite clubs.

How to Become a Reddit Soccer Member

To join the reddit soccer community and become a member of this great micro forum, first you have to read through the subreddit rules and be sure you understand them. 

So when you are done reading through the group rules, head over to the reddit soccer micro reddit forum. 

You will land on the home page of Reddit soccer as shown above. You will have to scroll down the conversations and discussions on the forum to make sure the content in the group is inline with what you want.

Then, if you are satisfied with the group and you are sure you can cope, click to join the group as shown above. And you will get a notification like this informing you that you have successfully joined r/soccer.

That’s all about joining the soccer subreddit group for soccer lovers. Enjoy

The Pros of Becoming a Member

There are many benefits to joining the Reddit soccer community. However, I will mention just a few here for you, but nevertheless, you will come across others as you interact with the community.

  • You get updated on the latest soccer news on the go.
  • You will interact with like-minded people who are also lovers of the game.
  • There is always a daily prediction on soccer.
  • If you play football bets, be rest assured you will be getting sure winning odds on a daily basis.
  • You are likely to win bets each day.


Like the saying goes, everything that has advantages must also have disadvantages too. Here is what I noticed about reddit soccer.

  • Reddit soccer can be so boring if you are not a football lover, because every topic and post is tailored to soccer.
  • The moderators can be very harsh when you go against the group rules.


Reddit soccer is a nice platform to use if you are a football lover. I recommend that you join the forum because it is a great place to get it all.

What do you think about the group? Please share your experience or thoughts about reddit soccer using the comment box below.

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