Reddit Soccer Streams | 4 Alternative Websites for Reddit Soccer Streams

Millions of Reddit soccer fans around the world have been thrown off board since the shutdown of the popular subreddit known as the r soccer streams by Reddit.

In this post I will try to address the basic questions that soccer fans are constantly asking and they want answers..

The most common questions being asked that will be addressed in this article include 

  • What has happened to the reddit soccer streams?
  • Where to stream soccer games on Reddit
  • How to stream soccer games on Reddit
  • Soccer live stream reddit

Before we dive into the main issue of the day, let us briefly discuss what the reddit soccer streams are all about and the purposes they have served for soccer lovers around the world in the past. See also SOCCER REDDIT | BEST SOCCER SUBREDDIT TO JOIN IN 2021

What are the Reddit soccer streams?

These micro forums are dedicated to soccer related discussions. These micro forums are also known as r soccer streams.

The Reddit soccer streams do not only discuss football and soccer related issues, but also make predictions on the outcome of games which are to be played.

The Reddit soccer streams are notoriously known for their streaming of live soccer games. 

Fans and members of defunct r soccer streams post live soccer game links on the forums, which allows the group members and anyone with links to stream the games live for free.

What has happened to the reddit soccer streams?

Now, what has happened to reddit soccer streams is that the subreddit was shut down by the management of the reddit micro forum. 

Reddit claimed that the shutdown of the popular soccer subreddit was as a result of copyright infringement and related issues.

It was reported that hundreds of millions of soccer fans around the world stream live soccer on the reddit soccer stream platform every season for free, and this results in a huge loss in revenue for the side of the game promoters. 

The report also claimed that members of the popular reddit soccer streams, stream live games with direct streaming links without making any formal registration or subscription. See also REDDIT NBA STREAMS | HOW TO STREAM NBA GAMES FOR FREE

So this is exactly what happened to the reddit soccer streams. In a simple tense, the r soccer streams have been banned and shut down.

4 Alternative Websites for Reddit Soccer Streams to Stream Soccer Free Online

Unfortunately, there are no legal platforms where you can stream soccer games on reddit, but there are a few sites where you can stream live soccer for free. 

Disclaimer: But bear in mind that I can’t guarantee the legality of these websites. So the list of these websites is for knowledge purposes only and not for copyright infringement.

So I have arranged these sites into other better platforms where you can stream soccer for free online.

#1. Stream-2-Watch : The Best Reddit Soccer Streams Alternative

Stream2watch is first in our list for two reasons. Despite being a platform where you can login and enjoy your best game apart from soccer, it is also a platform where you can enjoy your best game apart from soccer.

The website also allows you to chat and interact with other die-hard fans of the game across and around Europe and America, including Australia and New Zealand, to get live updates and news. 

As shown in the picture above, on the website, click on the toggle button on the right hand side of the page and select your favorite game.

In each of the games you click to stream, there is a red flashing button showing a live game that you can stream.

#2. Live-TV :Exact Copy of Soccer Reddit Streams

When you think of a site that gives you the best collection of live videos, then LiveTv will be your best bet. Indeed, you can get any sort of video you want on LiveTv.

LiveTv is one of the most user-friendly online streaming websites for soccer and other sports. It has a large collection of transmissions. 

Another awesome feature of the LiveTV portal is the statistics feature that allows you to see the stats of each game.

Finally, is the audience forum on the website, which allows fans to post questions, reply questions, and comments on any video or post that piques their interest.

Though LiveTv could not make the top of our list, I will tell you that the App remains one of the best alternatives to reddit soccer streams currently on the internet.

#3. NBAbite

Nbabite is a redefined entertainment and sports news website that also allows you to stream live NBA games. The NBAbite was created after the ban of the popular Reddit NBA streams by Reddit in June 2008 for copyright related issues.

NBABITE is simply an online NBA news and entertainment website that brings the latest and breaking NBA news to its audiences and NBA fans all over the world.

NBAbite believes in delivering timely sports and NBA news that you want. The portal is indeed loaded with a team of experts who work day and night to source news that matters to you.

Now that we know what NBAbite is all about, I think it is high time we talked about the number fourth on the list.

4#. FromHot 

Although this website is not US based and, as such, is not much used in the United States, However, the site is one of the best platforms where you can stream all sports games for absolutely free.

FromHot is very popular in the US, UK, and Australia, as it was in Greece, the host country. But the website is still very popular among sports lovers across Europe.

With a well structured homepage, the portal has a large coverage of daily sports to stream for free. 

On this website you can stream the following sports games for free. These include football, rugby, basketball, cricket, and tennis, to mention but a few.

How to Stream Soccer Games on Reddit

Hmmm!!!! Sad news, you can no longer stream soccer games on Reddit anymore. A few years back, Reddit banned and suspended all sports streaming subreddits on its micro blogging platform. 

Currently, you can not stream live sports on Reddit. However, you can do so on other websites listed above. 

Soccer Live Stream Reddit

Can you stream live games on Reddit in 2021 and beyond? My guess is as good as yours. Maybe Yes!! Maybe No!! But currently you can not stream live soccer on Reddit. 

Maybe in the future, Reddit may allow live streaming on its platform again. So for now, we shall all fold our hands and watch what the future holds for fans.

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