PEARL OF POWER 5E WARLOCK : What Every Player Must Know

Pearl of power 5e, also called the pearl of power, is a wondrous item and an uncommon one that requires attunement by a spell-caster. The Pearl of power is a magical power that allows a spell-caster to recast spells that she or he has previously cast.

So, according to the Dungeon and Dragon fifth edition (DnD 5e) handbook, it states that “While this pearl is on your person, you can use an action to speak its  Command Word and regain one expended spell slot. If the expended slot is on the fourth or higher level, the new slot is on the third level.Once you have used the pearl, it can’t be used again until the next dawn. “

Taking out the magical detection ability of the Pearl of Power, the pearl is a basic object of average size and quality. The 5e pearl of power gives the spell-casters a strong aura of transmutation magic. Check out the Longsword 5e: Know About Longsword DnD 5e

A typical d&d 5e pearl of power costs between 1,000 and 81,000 gold pieces, with the powerful varieties costing between 50,000 and 80,000 GP and the weak varieties costing between 1000 and over 5,000 GP in a magic item store.

Table of Contents

Properties of the Pearl of Power 5e

Item RarityUncommon
Item TypeAdventuring Gear Subtype
 Wondrous Item

Pearl of Power Pathfinder

Aura strong transmutationCL 17th (see FAQ below); Slot — Price 1,000 gp (1st), 4,000 gp (2nd), 9,000 gp (3rd), 16,000 gp (4th), 25,000 gp (5th), 36,000 gp (6th), 49,000 gp (7th), 64,000 gp (8th), 81,000 gp (9th), 70,000 gp (two spells); Weight —


 Ultimate Equipment pg. 315, PRPG Core Rulebook pg. 525

The Description

This seemingly normal pearl of average size and luster is a potent aid to all spellcasters who prepare spells (clericsdruidsrangerspaladins, and wizards). A pearl of power allows the possessor to recall any one spell that she has prepared and then cast on that day once per day, on command.

The spell is then prepared again, just as if it had not been cast. The spell must be at a particular level, depending on the pearl. Different pearls exist for recalling one spell per day at each level from 1st through 9th and for the recall of two spells per day (each of a different level, 6th or lower).

The Construction Requirements 

Craft Wondrous ItemSpecial creator must be able to cast spells of the spell level to be recalled; costs 500 gp (1st), 2,000 gp (2nd), 4,500 gp (3rd), 8,000 gp (4th), 12,500 gp (5th), 18,000 gp (6th), 24,500 gp (7th), 32,000 gp (8th), 40,500 gp (9th), 35,000 gp (two spells

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The abilities of and the pearl of great power

The following are the abilities of the holder of the 5e pearl of power magical spell

  • A holder of a pearl of power can simply utter a magical command word,
  • A holder of a pearl of power 5e could recall any spell already cast that day.
  • The holder of a 5e pearl of power spell could cast that spell and could repeatedly recast the spell without having to proceed through the usual methods of preparation.
  • A d&d 5e pearl of power is useless to a spellcaster who does not prepare spells to access the Weave.
  •   A holder of a pearl of power is permitted the recall of only one cast spell per day,
  • A holder of at least one variety of pearl of power is allowed to recall two spells per day.
  • Each pearl was limited to the recall of spells of the same general power as each other,

Some Prominent Owners of Pearl of Power 5e

So we have listed some prominent owners of the pearls of power. You can also add anyone we didn’t list in the comment box below. Here are seven of the notable ones listed below. Also, check out the Half Plate 5e: The Half Plate Armor In D&D 5e

  1. Miska: The Miska is a gloaming male adventurer of the Underdark
  2. Hadrhune: Hadrhune is the right hand of the High Prince, Telamont Tanthul.
  3. Ramas-Teth Ankh,=: He is a Mulhorandi worshiper of Thoth
  4. A mage lord named Rimmen of the Scarlet Eye…
  5. Sammaster: He’s the infamous mage who triggered the Rage of the Dragons.
  6. Thelossa: This is a drow warrior.
  7. Tyaral. He’s a Mulan cleric of Bhaal.

Some Basic Information about the Pearl of Power 5e.

Some of the basic information about the pearl of power 5e that will guide you if you are a spell-caster or game lover. Check out Longsword 5e: Know About Longsword DnD 5e.

Name Pearlof PowerRarityUncommonType
Sanity CategoryCombat
Relevant Page Number 184 
Price Range (per DMG)101 to 500 GPP
rice (per Sane prices)6,000 GP

Other 3rd Party Publisher Wondrous Items

Other fantastic items from third-party publishers include: You like the Guard 5e: Guard Captain 5e In Dungeon Dragon. 5e.

Amulet of Health –

It is a wondrous item that is rare and necessitates attunement.You can only wear the amulet of health if your Constitution score is less than 19. The amulet has no effect if your Constitution score is greater than 19.

Amulet of Proof against Detection and Location

This amulet is anotherwondrous item, uncommon, and requires attunement. This amulet can protect and hide you from all divination magic. As a result, while wearing this amulet, you cannot be targeted by such magic or detected by magical scrying sensors.

Amulet of the Planes

This again another wondrous item, very rare and also requires attunement This amulet gives you the ability to use an action to name a location that you are familiar with on another plane of existence.

You cast the plane shift spell on a good check. Upon failure, you and each creature and object fly to a random destination within 15 feet of you. Read the Cone of Cold 5e in Dungeon and Dragon Spells.

A D100 roll. You fly to a random location in a plane known as a 1-60 plane.You are moving to a randomly defined plane of life from 61-100.

What happens if a Warlock tries to use a Pearl of Power at the 7th level?

The DMG errata document has this to say regarding the pearl of power: “The first sentence is now two sentences: “While this pearl is on your person, you can use an action to speak its command word and regain one expended spell slot. If the expended slot was at the 4th level or higher, the new slot is at the 3rd level.

I don’t know whether there’s an official response or not. But my response will be like this: any object that retains or recovers spells of a certain level can be used by a Warlock as long as the Warlock can cast spells of at least that level.

However, I will also add a note that, like the spells in every other class, these can only be used once a day. After a brief break, the retained Warlock spell does not reset, in other words.

How Does the Warlock Obtain 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th Level spells?

The warlock will cast a spell on any of the higher tiers. The Magical Arcanum capability on page 108 describes this in detail: in essence, a warlock can cast one spell at each level of 6 or higher once every every long rest without expending all of its spell slots.

As far as the limited number of spell slots is concerned, It is true that it is small, but there are two things to consider:

  1. After a brief break, they get their slots again (but not the mystic arcanum spells).
  2. Their primary class powers are drawn from their eldritch invocations, which contain multiple will spells and other bonuses.

Warlocks are usually supposed to mainly use eldritch blasts and other cantrips and complement them with their invocations.

My Experience Playing Pearl of Power Warlock from 1-10.

I played Warlock (Fiend) from 1 to 10. This was right from the Playtest (where we had just dropped our Playtest Campaign) to the 5th day (where we started the Dragon Tyranny), so I can honestly tell you about the class with the best advice. What isn’t there to do?

Next, don’t be afraid to take a quick break when you can. You’re a complete caster if you get a lot of rest because your spells relock at the same rate as a fighter’s skills, and you have plenty of reasons to do so.

Unless they are extremely important, avoid choosing spells that do not scale into your slots.Hex, like Eldritch Blast, is a crucial spell to use.

Darkness, although not scaled, in synergy with Fiend Sight, is a good choice. Invisibility only gets better when you level up, so that you can shoot more animals.

The Dimension Door saved my party’s lives once. (kinda) Always casting Counterspell at your highest slot is amusing but less successful than a Sorcerer/Wizard doing the same thing, even though it will support you throughout your career.

You probably won’t get the Pact Blade unless you go Dex-based. Trust me, I’ve been trying to get the strength and it’s gone wrong. extremely poorThat’s right, until I got the medium armor skills, at which point it was fantastic.

But that was 8 levels and 2 levels later I retired character XP Instead, if you want to go melee, take Tome and take Shillelagh to the Charisma quarterstaff. I’ve never had to use chains, but I’m sorry I didn’t, because the familiar look is so much fun.

Never take any of the Invocations that use spell slots and recharge for a long rest UNLESS it’s for Bestow Curse, because it’s vicious, and Awful Word is a near second to good crowd control.

Take the spells that best suit your style of play. To be honest, concentrating solely on increasing your Eldritch Blast is a great technique as well, but it can get… buzzing. Trust me, man. But with the right choices, you can pass quickly through the melee.

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