How to Make a Read-Only Channel on Discord – Step by Step

To make Make a Read-Only Channel on Discord, follow these steps:

  1. Edit the channel’s description
  2. Select and clicked on “Permissions”
  3. Disable and “Send Messages” feature.

Introduction – How to Make a Read-Only Channel on Discord

A read-only Discord channel prevents members of your server from sending messages. This is advantageous for specific sorts of channels.

This contains a channel for “Rules” and another for “Announcements.” Preventing members from sending messages is critical for these sorts of channels.

If you have a “Rules” channel, you may make it read-only to make your server’s rules accessible.

When you enable members to send messages, the rules become invisible as soon as they begin sending messages.

This is comparable to a “Announcements” channel, except that you are the only one who is permitted to make announcements.

This article will walk you through the process of creating a read-only channel on Discord and Discord mobile (for iOS/Android).

How to create a Discord read-only channel

To create a Discord channel that is read-only, you must modify the channel. Then, under “Permissions,” deactivate “Send Messages” and save your settings.

After you disable “Send Messages,” members of the channel will no longer be able to send messages.

This is handy if you have a channel called “Rules” or “Announcements” and do not want members to send messages.

The “Send Messages” permission is enabled by default, and you must disable it. If you do not disable it, everyone on your server will be able to send messages through it.

A read-only channel is one that can only be used by you (the server owner).

Here’s how to create a Discord read-only channel:

  • Edit the channel’s description
  • Select and clicked on “Permissions”
  • Disable and “Send Messages” feature.

Adjust the channel’s settings

Edit channel on Discord


To begin, launch Discord’s desktop client. You can also do this with Discord mobile, although the processes are a little more involved.

Instead of using Discord mobile, we’ll utilize the desktop version of Discord to establish a channel read-only in this article.

Once on Discord, browse to your server. Following that, click on the gear icon next to the channel you wish to make read-only.

The gear icon enables channel editing.

Select “Permissions”

Permissions for Discord channels

After clicking the gear button, you’ll be taken to the channel overview page. On the channel overview page, you may modify the channel’s name and topic.

On the left sidebar, you’ll find a variety of options, including “Overview,” “Permissions,” “Invitations,” and “Integrations.”

You must disable members from sending messages in order to make the channel read-only.

This is possible via the channel permissions. To access the channel permissions, click on “Permissions” on the left sidebar.

Disable the “Send Messages” feature.

How to create a Discord read-only channel

After clicking “Permissions,” you’ll get a list of available permissions. This contains the options “View Channel,” “Manage Channel,” and “Manage Permissions.”

Continue scrolling down the list until you reach the header “Text channel permissions.”

You’ll see a “Send Messages” permission under the “Text channel permissions” heading. The “Send Messages” permission is enabled by default.

You must disable the “Send Messages” permission to make the channel read-only. To do so, click the “X” symbol next to the permission “Send Messages.”

Members will be unable to send messages on the channel as a result of this. That is, the channel will be read-only.

After deactivating the “Send Messages” access, you must save your settings. To save your changes, scroll to the bottom and click “Save Changes.”

You’ve successfully learnt how to create a Discord read-only channel!

How to create a Discord mobile read-only channel

How to create a Discord mobile read-only channel

To make a read-only channel on Discord mobile, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the Discord mobile application.
  2. Open the channel you wish to convert to read-only mode.
  3. On the top navigation bar, tap the channel’s name.
  4. Select “Settings”.
  5. Channel Permissions” should be selected.
  6. Select “@everyone” from the “Roles” menu.
  7. Continue scrolling down until you come to the “Send Messages” permission.
  8. To disable the “Send Messages” permission, tap the “X” symbol.

Members will be unable to send messages if you disable the “Send Messages” permission.

Only you (the server’s owner) will have the ability to send messages.

Key Takeaway – How to Make a Read-Only Channel on Discord

As noted before in this guide’s introduction, having a read-only channel prevents members from sending messages.

If you have a channel named “Rules,” you must make it read-only. This enables the rules to remain constantly in control of the chat.

If you had not set your channel to read-only, and members begin posting messages, the rules will become invisible.

As an alternative to creating a “Rules” channel, membership screening can be used.

Membership screening enables you to customize your Discord server’s regulations.

When someone joins your server, they must first agree to the rules.

How to implement membership screening in your Discord server may be found here: .

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