LONGSWORD 5E: What Every Player Must Know

Longsword 5e also called longsword dnd 5e, is a dangerous one-handed melee sharp-bladed weapon. It has a straight blade, with a golden or silver handle and about 3½ feet in length. The 5e longsword is a military melee weapon used for defense,  it belongs to the heavy blade weapon group.

What is Longsword 5e?

A Longsword 5e is a very rare weapon that requires attunement. The hilt of the long sword is made of dragon bone with a dragon-leather grip. The sword’s blade is made of lightweight platinum metal.  

The blade also has 5 gems embedded in it. As the long sword grows warm, then the gems embedded in the blade glow slightly when the sword is within 120 feet of a dragon.

The weapon can be wielded as a magic longsword with the finesse property and grants a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with it.

Whenever the dragon is hit with the longsword, the dragon takes an extra 3d6 damage of the weapon’s type. For this purpose, “dragon” refers to any creature with the dragon type, including dragon turtles and wyverns.

This weapon has about 5 charges. These charges are declared when you swing with a melee attack which you can expend up to 3 of its charges. For each of these 3 charges you expend, the target takes an extra1d6 damage. While the sword regains 1d4 + 1 expended charges daily at dawn.

On the other hand, the wielder can spend one of the three (3) sword charges to be able to change the type of gemstones embedded in the hilt, changing the type of extra damage dealt.

Properties of Longsword 5e

Category Items
Damage  1d8
Damage Type Slashing
Item Rarity Standard
Properties Versatile
Weight 3

Due to the versatility of the dnd 5e longsword, medium and small characters carry it with two hands, however, the medium character can do extra 1 damage with the dnd longsword  on two hands but the small characters can do no damage with longsword carrying it with two hands. Check out the Half Plate 5e: The Half Plate Armor In D&D 5e.

The longsword proficiency gives you the ability to add a bonus in order to attack roll in any of the attacks you carry out using the longsword.

The Longsword as two-Handed Finesse Weapon

In this section, let us look at how we can make the longsword a finesse weapon, however, only when the sword is wielded with two hands. There are two major reasons for this, which we are going look at them in  two points of view  viz

  • The realism point of view
  • The mechanical point of view 

Realism Point of View 

Many of my realism points derive from this Shadiversity video, which explains why the Agile Archer, Powerful Swordsman Troop, is totally backward. It’s obviously the archer, not the swordsman, that’s more likely to be formed like an inverted triangle. Here are a few basic points.

  • Swords are usually balanced, which means they’re more agile than an ax or mace, but they don’t wear you out as quickly.
  • Using two hands gives you a lot more control over the weapon.
  •  Longswords weigh just 3 pounds. This is the same as the scimitar and the whip, both good and one-handed.

Mechanics Point of View

  • Currently, there are no two-handed finesse weapons.
  • It’s not overpowered; it’s suboptimal for most builds*, but it opens up some other choices.
  • The villain, bard, and elf all get abilities with longswords, despite skewing heavily toward the DEX builds.

Typically, any DEX melee martial that can use a shield is best suited for rapier and shield. The only DEX martial that can’t use shields (which can use longswords, sorry monks) is a villain who would probably rather use dual-wheel for an extra chance of sneak attack.

Truth be told, I believe like the characters that would benefit most from this move would be casters (which does include bards). Most of the casters prefer DEX to STR for extra AC, and can’t use shields, so a fine weapon is useful to them.

In addition, they can carry the longsword in one hand when casting their spells, and then two-handedly. In such a situation, there is no need to use a rapier instead of a longsword, as long as you have the ability.

Name Cost Damage Weight Properties
Longsword 15 gp 1d8 slashing 3 lbs Versatile (1d10)

Characters Proficient with the Use of Longsword 5e

Some of the characters in the dungeon and dragon adventure who are proficient with the use of the longsword with all military melee weapons include

  • Battleminds
  •  Fighters
  •  Avengers
  •  Barbarians
  •  Ardents
  • Paladins
  • Rangers
  •  Bards
  • Warlords
  • Wardens
  •  Assassins (heavy blades and longsword)
  • sword mages (heavy blades and longsword)
  •  Eladrin (as a racial trait)

Note: Class and races and traits excluded in the list above who do have proficiency with d&d longsword, can become proficient in any of the military weapons by simply taking a Weapon Proficiency feat.

Finally, Eladrin characters that take the Eladrin Soldier heroic tier will feat gain a +2 feat bonus to damage with long sword 5e, as well as proficiency, and also gain the same damage bonus with spears. Also, read the Guard 5e: Guard Captain 5e In Dungeon Dragon

The Cultural Importance of the Longsword DnD

longsword 5e

The cultural importance of the longsword in ancient cultures cannot be over-emphasizing.  Below are some of the cultural significance of the longsword.

  1. Longsword is one of the ancient weapons of the knights and valor in Rome and other ancient cities.  Even the paladins carry the d&d 5e longsword weapons.
  2. In most culture longsword is forbidden thus the clerics are required them to take an oath against the shedding of blood.
  3. The longsword is the favored weapon of many deities
  4. The clerics of many deities often consider it a point of pride to carry the longsword weapon
  5. Some deities see the longsword as a great weapon of war
  6. Some deities that favor the longsword include Corellon Larethian, Cyric, Heironeous, Hades, Hathor, Heimdall, Sif, and Tyr.

Major Notable Longswords

Longsword is one main weapon of war in the ancient time, and gas remains a great instrument of war. Some of the major magical longswords are listed below. Read also the

  •  Vorpal sword and sword of sharpness (known for deadly blades)
  • Legendary cursed sword Tyrfing, (can cut through metal )
  •  Norse deity Frey’s gave his legendary blade

Other Weapons Similar to Long Sword DnD      

Here is the list of some other weapons similar to the longword and use for defense and war as well. The list includes

  • Bastard-Sword :
  • Great-Sword
  • Bastard-Sword
  • Katana-Sword
  • Broad-Sword
  • Mercurial Longsword


A much variant of the longsword is the Bastard-Sword which requires adequate training  before a knight can effectively carry it with one hand

Greatsword :

The Greatsword is another close variant of the longsword, it is carried with two hands and knights will also undergo serious pieces of training to effectively carry it The greatsword is over 17 inches longer than the longsword, this makes it more difficult for knights to carry.


The Katana sword also shares some striking similarity with the longsword. However, unlike the longsword and bastard sword, the katana weapon has a curved blade


Broad-sword is another weapon of war that shares more close similarity with the longsword in-terms of efficacy as well as the patterns od fighting

Mercurial Longsword

The mercurial longsword is another weapon that has close similarities with the longsword, however, the mercurial longsword is designed with a channel on the hit that house some quicksilver objects. The mercurial longsword is more deadly than the longsword and requires thorough training to carry it.

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