LONGBOW 5E: What Every Player Must Know

Longbow 5e, also call or written 5e longbow, is a two-handed, martial ranged weapon that fires up projectiles known as projectiles arrows. The longbow has some clear distinguishable from the shortbow weapons.

One of the distinguishing features includes its increased length, a striking feature that enables an archer to insert energy into its pull, thereby making it more lethal.

The longbow or longbow dnd 5e, is a thin shaft of wooden material, of about 5 to 6 feet height (approximately 1.4 to 1.7 meters) long. Also, check out the Cone of Cold 5e in Dungeon and Dragon Spells

Both edges of the longbow or dnd 5e longbow are connected by a strong cord or a gut string that is a bit shorter than the shaft, causing the wood to bend while the string is tensioned.

 The longbow or dnd longbow composite is a shaft laminated materials made from wood or animal horn and fashioned with a curve, this implies that the bow remains bow-shaped even when unstrung,

Attributes of longbow 5e

Damage 1d8
Damage Type Piercing
Item Rarity Standard
Item Type Ranged Weapon
Properties Ammunition, Heavy, Range, Two-Handed
Range 150/600
Subtype Martial, Bow
Weight 2

History of Publications

The longbow or dnd longbow seems to have been invented by the elves. The order of the publication history is as follows

  • First Dungeon and Dragon (The Original D&D)
  •  Basic Dungeon and Dragon (The basic DnD)
  • 1st edition Dungeon and Dragon (ADnD)
  • 2nd edition Dungeon and Dragon (ADnD)
  • 3rd edition Dungeon and Dragon
  • 4th edition Dungeon and Dragon (DnD)
  •  5th edition Dungeon and Dragon (DnD

First Dungeon and Dragon (The Original DnD)

Long Bow first appeared in the original D&D Men & Magic in 1974. In the original publication of the longbow or 5e bow, prices were given for the 5e longbow range. Both the Short Bow and Composite Bow were also seen in the book.

Basic Dungeon and Dragon (The basic DnD)

Long Bow and or long bow dnd 5e was seen to appear throughout the basic DnD product-line, alongside the Basic Set (Holmes) in the year 1977.

1st edition Dungeon and Dragon (ADnD)

In this edition, the longbow and the composite longbow was seen to appear in the player’s guide and handbook. Also read the Cloak of Protection 5e: A Wondrous DnD 5e Magical Item

2nd edition Dungeon and Dragon (AD&D)

Also in the second edition of the publication, the longbow, and the composite longbow were seen in the player’s handbook as published in 1989

3rd edition Dungeon and Dragon (DnD)

In the 3rd edition of the publication, the longbow and the composite longbow did also appear in the Player’s Handbook in 2003. The longbow was kind of popular as of then due to its mass damage ability when shot at the range

4th edition Dungeon and Dragon (DnD)

The longbow or dnd bows also appeared in the player’s guide handbook in 2008.  It was popular as it deals 1d10 damage and can load as a free action, unlike the crossbow. However, the composite longbow did not appear in the fourth edition of the publication.

5th edition Dungeon and Dragon (DnD)

In the fifth edition of the publication 2014, both longbow and composite longbow appeared in the Player’s guide Handbook.

Construction & Designation of the 5e longbow

Longbow 5e

The dnd 5e longbow is a relatively simple dungeon and Dragon weapon, crafted by a bowyer also called fletcher.[ The bow used for crafting the dnd longbow is a branch of an iroko tree and thus the iroko branch must the ideal length and shapes suitable for the d&d 5e longbow.

Branches of the iroko tree or any strong wood for the construction of the bow is bent into a curve, the curve will be held on the curved shape with a string, from which arrows are launched during attack

This varies from the composite bow, which is constructed using additional materials such as bone or horn, and remains curved even when the string is removed. Check out the Burning hands 5e in Dungeon and Dragon Spells

A well-crafted longbow range 5e can last for so many years if it is handled very well with care and caution, however, a poorly built long bow 5e or bow 5e, especially those built from weak trees, are capable of breaking at will during attack.

A longbow dnd or longbow weighs about 2-3 lbs. The quiver used by the bowyer to hold arrows also weighs around 0.80- lb and can hold about twenty arrows, which also weigh around 2lb.

Varieties of the D&D Longbow

The notable varity of the 5e long bow is the

  • Aquatic long bow dnd: A weapon favored by the aquatic elves with a kelp string.

Main Uses of D&D Bow

When use the longbow d&d is used in an open terrain or space, the maximum effective range is about 600 and 630 feet. The longbow is most effective within ranges of 150 feet.

When using the longbow in underground terrain, owing to low spaces and poor lighting, It’s difficult for the bow to shot further than 230 feet. Check out Bless 5e in Dungeon and Dragon Spells

To use the longbow effectively, require some kind of training and re-training because the bow is long. So it is extremely difficult for a person below 5feet to us the longbow effectively

Major Users of Longbow

The two notable users of the longbow are the

  •   Individuals Users
  •  Religions Users

Individuals Users: Catti-brie owned a magic longbow by the name of Taulmaril.

Religions Users:The Oerthian nature goddess Ehlonna was known to favor longbows.

Cultural Importance of Longbow

Longbow is culturally significant to elves in so many ways. They are

  1. Most High elves and wood elves are constantly trained in proficiency with the dnd 5e bow weapon.
  2.  Longbow is also one of the most favored weapons of many deities, including but not limited to Uller of the Norse pantheon and Elhonna of Greyhawk.
  3.   The longbow is seen by religious groups who practice it as part of a deeply spiritual philosophy of their faith
  4. Magical spells are often created specifically for use with the longbow damage 5e.
  5. The spell swift quiver, known to rangers and paladins, gives the ability for the creation of unlimited magical ammunition.
  6.  Longbow or the dnd bowis widely used in field warfare, where it is valued for its long range.
  7.  A trained longbowman and dnd 5e bows can expect to earn 2x as much as a shortbow archer.

Weapons Similar to Longbow 5e

Some other weapons that are related to the longbow include

The Composite longbow: This is built with an exceptionally heavy pull to enable strong archers to use it.

The shortbow: This is a kind of small bow, and is more effectively used from horseback.

The greatbow: This is a larger version of the longbow. It is six feet or more in length when strung,

The Creative origins of Longbow

Longbow or bow dnd in an aged-long weapon used for war, defense or hunting through the history of human race. It’s also a weapon of damage used in the dungeon and dragon game. It was recorded that, the oldest longbow was dated back to around 3,300 BC. Check out the Difficult Terrain 5e Combat:5e Movement Speed

Reception and influence of Longbow

Former TSR editor Tim Kask claimed in 2019 that a dwarf should not be able to use a longbow, because of the short height of the dwarf. A rule for this is mirrored in the Players Handbook (1e) (1978), p.19, which prevents the use of the longbow by characters below 5 feet in height, even though their character class is generally qualified.

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