Top 24 Free Final Fantasy XIV Mods For PC in 2021


Final Fantasy XIV is a multiplayer online battle arena role-playing game developed and released by Square Enix in 2010 for Microsoft Windows computers. It is the fourteenth installment of the core Final Fantasy series and the series’ second MMORPG after Final Fantasy XII.

Final Fantasy XIV is indeed a nice and cool MMO that you can never imagine that most of the mods are purely textures or advance UI improvements.

However, I have come to the understanding that in the modern days it will make no sense to alter the core aspects of a game too much if you plan to play with other players that have no mods installed, and the servers would just boot you out anyway.

Nevertheless, there are hundreds and thousands of fantastic game mods that you can now install and even get more improved the textures and shadings of the game,  which can ensure the safety of anything on your side.

So many other mods are not allowed and probably not likely to be allowed soon, so be aware of that, and before you think of going mod just keep this fact in the back of your mind!

Though there are other safest ways to go modding with FF14 it’s a dicey subject, so always do your thorough research first. You can also check out Akame ga Kill season 2: Released Date Confirmed

WARNING, if you are planning to venture into the world of FFXIV mods by yourself, you are sure going to come up with a ton of NSFW content, so be aware of that.

Hey!!! My fellow game lovers and players, I have a piece of good news for you, so don’t panic, I have made effort to filter the most NSFW results from this list and I tagged it Top 24 Free Final Fantasy XIV Mods For PC.


Though the majority of the most popular mods do happen to be a tad inappropriate for the workplace. The question is, should we be gaming in the office? The answer is capital, YES, but for now, let’s see what is our list of 24 Free Final Fantasy XIV Mods For PC today.

SPECIAL UPDATE: This list of 24 Free Final Fantasy XIV Mods For PC mods is currently being completely reworked and should be considered out-of-date. We’re updating this list to include only cosmetic mods, so come back soon for a much more comprehensive collection!

Top 24 Free Final Fantasy XIV Mods For PC

Ok, we have diligently made the research for you, and we have come up with the top 24 free final fantasy XIV Mod for PC. Remember, aa the 24 mods are free for Pc only. So here is the list of 24 Free Final Fantasy XIV Mods For PC

No.1. HD Skill Icons


The HD Skill Icons is a mod that functions in the same way as the HD buff icons, except it focuses on skill icons. Read also Half Plate 5e| D&D 5th Edition

This mod is regarded as the bad boy when paired with HD buff and object icons are designed to enhance the game’s visual appeal as much as possible.

HD Skill Is a wonderful mod that accomplishes a basic goal, but the designer did a fantastic job improving the resolution of each piece. So if you want a mod with a fantastically great accomplishment then HD  Skill Icons is your best bet.

No. 2. HD Item Icons


HD Object Icons is the final installment of the avatar-enhancer trilogy. And this HD Item Icons is the most comprehensive of the lot, as it tries to improve the appearance of any single object in the game.

Though It may require a lot of effort, as for me, I’m just grateful that someone took the time to do it and that we aren’t being paid.

Mods like this help me understand how much work goes into creating free content for which the author receives no compensation.

So if you are the one looking forward to monitoring the progress of creating free content with the creator will receive no compensation then check out the HD Item Icons

No 3. Alive Gshade Preset


The Gshade Preset is an incredible shade preset which mod aims to radically revitalize the game’s appearance for a better experience. This hue present gives the game one of the best appearance and texture

If you are familiar with this mod, you will agree with me that it is fair to claim they did an outstanding and excellent job. Read also How to With Bard 5e Class for D&D 5th Edition

Like I said earlier, Alive Gshade Preset greatly improves appearance and texture thus help tremendously to increases the game’s visual consistency by eliminating any of the blurriness that you may have encountered in-game.

Though there are still some options available, bear in mind that the better the graphics look, the more GPU power it will need.

No. 4. Owl’s FFXIV Reshades


The Owl  FFXIV gives a player one of the clearest and detailed reshades possible in the FFXIV modding world, though comes with lots of choices for you to choose from.

The mod Owl’s FFXIV Reshades pack contains some of the best shaders presets available you ever think of in the game. These, too, could go without saying, but they use a large number of computer resources.

Be aware that most of these presets have a lot of information to be proficient with them, so you’ll need a strong graphics card and GPU to be able to run them. However,  from my experience, it is well worth the effort.

No. 5. Heavensword Sweet FX


We’ve entered the upper echelon with reshades and shader presets. Now comes to one of my favorite shader mod the Heavensword Sweet FX, and just like the Owl we talked about earlier, the Heavensword Sweet FX also does an excellent and outstanding job of mixing the game’s atmosphere.

Yes, It doesn’t make a huge difference, but  to be candid with you, the Heavensword Sweet FX does make the game feel a little more “critical.” It’s difficult to understand, but the only thing you can do is try it out for yourself to get the first-hand experience.

So don’t worry if after installation and it happens you find that it not good enough,  you can just follow the few simple steps to uninstall it from your computer system.Read also Shortbow 5e| D&D 5th Edition

No. 6. AP’s Male Texture Pack


This is, without an iota of doubt, the AP’s Male Texture Pack is one of the most NSFW mods on our list of Top 24 Free Final Fantasy XIV Mods For PC.

 Though since it’s still one of the most common mods you can find around, I had to pull more effort to investigate the fuss.

What I’m saying is that I’m sure that for whatever reason, so many people adore their male textures. However, an in-depth investigation shows that this Male Texture mod has a high degree of detail and that a lot of time and effort went into making it.

Even though It brings more developed muscles and… yeah… nipples to male textures.

Yes, that is right. It changes male textures and adds more structured muscles as well as a nipple to the improved texture.

No. 7. Owl’s Eyes of Eorzea


Are you sick and tired of the base game’s bloomy-looking eyes? If this is the case with you, then I want you to take a look at this Owl’s Eyes of Eorzea.

The developers of the Owl’s Eyes of Eorzea mod seem to have gone through every eye mod in the game and redesigned them to make them look much better and cleaner.

With this mod,  you’ll be able to try out hundreds of new eyes, all of which seem to be pretty cool. This is something I suggest to someone who has been playing the game for a while and is looking for a shift.

No. 8. HD Eyeworks V3


Isn’t it a great privilege for you to have HD eyes that are over seven times better than the ones used in the base game? Yes it’s a great privilege you will wish for yourself…lol

With the HD Eyeworks V3 mod, you will find anything you want to make your game not boring and enjoyable, with the best features among other mods. I am petty sure you will like it.

It’s a fairly big undertaking, and the eyes have a high degree of definition, so they certainly merit a place on my gamers zone blog site. Read also zzzzzzHow To Use Banishment 5e| D&D 5th Edition

No. 9. Ruta’s Custom 2k Scales


Ruta’s Custom 2k Scales mod is known for altering the appearance of some characters’ scales in the game. This mod’s developer created a slew of new hand-painted scale models and make effort to collate them here for you for easy play, which is fantastic.

Indeed, the crafting of this is fantastic and something to talk about, though it just misses out on the first place of our 24 Free Final Fantasy XIV Mods For PC due to a lack of variety in comparison to Hair Defined’s thousands of new additions.

I will admonish you to give it a shot if you want to do yourself a favor. I am assuring you, that you will like it and will not be disappointed.

No. 10. Hair Defined


With this freebie, we finally made it to the middle of the 24 Free Final Fantasy XIV Mods For PC. Here the mod improves over 1000 hair textures used in the base title.

And even without the shader presets, I think the Hair Defined looks great. I will encourage you to think of integrating this with other graphics mods.

And there are way too many additions to mention them all, but trust me when I say that you’ll want this in your Final Fantasy 14 experience. It’s worth a chance.

No.11. Moogle Maps


This awesome Moogle Maps utility mod replaced the simple map textures with a new series of maps that make searching for treasures much easier. Yes with the Moogle Maps mod looking for treasures are now simpler and easier. Kudos to the creator of this mod for the wonderful job done.

Not only does this Moogle Maps mod make life easier for you when searching for treasures, but you can also use this latest series of maps to help you with your everyday hunts. Read also Bard Spells 5e List for D&D 5th Edition

This Moogle Maps mod is the simplest to set up among other mods. All you have to do now is replace the textures in the folder according to the instructions in the mod files, and you’re done!

You don’t have to be afraid to set it up, because the mod is just a texture replacer, it won’t mess up any of the game’s important files, and you won’t get in trouble if you use it.

Having the Moogle Maps in your p[ssession, you’ll be able to do whatever you want with the maps, and you’ll be able to open them anytime you want. Gone are the days when you had to tab in and out of the game to see what you wanted.

No. 12. Griffin Mount Retexture Pack


This yet another game, in which the Griffin Mount is utterly awesome. Having well-designed and improve texture with many other features makes the Griffin Mount Retexture Pack a mod you should have if you planned to go modding.

However, staring at it for such a long time becomes dull. You can add up to four different textures for the griffin with this mod, this will enable you to further modify the way the game looks even though only you can see it. Honestly speaking this mod is a must-have for game lovers

The Griffin Mount Retexture, like any other mod this has been listed on this Top 24 Free Final Fantasy XIV Mods For PC, just functions on your hand. This is, however, what helps it to run correctly and without any usability problems.

No. 13. Custom UI


Surprisingly, you won’t believe that this mod was not made by a Modder. I guess you’re surprised, right?

A look at the  Custom UI pack shows it comes with the game, but for obvious reasons, they were left out for some strange reason.

This, on the other hand, actually replaces the game’s default UI with one that was hidden in the game files, allowing you to browse a vastly enhanced UI in the game.

I can’t figure out the exact reason why this was tucked away in the game’s archives (that I can find). But, oh, let’s not moan much about that for now.

It’s will be great to see someone helping out the group by launching previously unreleased features for free.

No. 14. HD Hrothgar Faces            


The game’s usual Hrothgar faces just looked awful, so ugly, and not nice looking at all. However, HD Hrothgar Faces is yet another Mod that admires so much for its ability to replace simple textures

They lacked description, making the monsters seem less spectacular than they should have been. For me, this area needs improvement from the creators of this mod.

As a result, the Hrothgar faces mod simply replaces the basic textures with HD versions. This is the good part of it.

Those feline eyes and hairs aren’t supposed to be noticeable in SD, and this mod guarantees that they’re replaced with a proper HD look.

No. 15. Touch of Real Female


Hey friends, If you’re already playing FFXIV in the 2020s, the vanilla girl face textures in the base game look a little outdated, some kinda need some retouch.

However, as a result, the Touch of Real Female mod aims to totally replace all of the base game textures and dramatically change the look by giving every single female preset in the game HD-looking faces.

What a lovely gesture from a mode, well one can probably say that is its strength over other mods. Or what do you think?

This is one of the strongest visual mod-packs for final fantasy XIV, as it blends many other mods to produce a modern and refreshed look, with countless new updates made to the base title. You can check out Wall of fire 5e| D&D 5th Edition

No. 16. Touch of Real Male

16 -real-male-faces-mod

Touch of Real Male is similar to the Touch of Real Female mod that I have listed above, except that the modifications are made entirely to the faces of males rather than females.

This mod replaces all of the vanilla textures in the male presets with a lot of better-looking ones. So the Touch of Real male looks great and well polished

The Touch of Real male is specifically built for people who have been playing the game for almost a decade. In my opinion

Keep in mind that none of these two face packs can overload,  slow down or put too much pressure on your computer’s graphics.

No. 17. The Newness HD


The creators of the Newness HD aims to provide every player with a fresh graphical preset that isn’t slowing down the game. Needless to say, that Newness HD  excellent in this field.

The game looks much improved with the  Newness HD mod installed, and the frame rate has remained nearly constant since I installed it.

After playing the game with the Newness HD, I am tempted to say that the other HD textures I had installed in conjunction with this shader pack were to blame for the few frames my machine lost when I installed this mod.

I strongly advise you to give it a try to the Newness HD and you will be happy installing it.  It’s well worth it if you want to boost the game’s appearance.

No. 18. HD Vanilla Redefined


The HD Vanilla Redefined mod is identical to the previous Newness HD, in that it functions as a complete series of texture mods that alter the majority of the vanilla textures in the base game.

As a consequence, the HD vanilla redefined mod objective is to helps preserve the same atmosphere of feelings in which the game offers. Check out the Shortbow 5e| D&D 5th Edition

However, one good thing about the HD vanilla redefined is that users would have access to a special range of 1000 textures, all of which are much superior to the vanilla textures.

No. 19. Imperium Graphic Pack


Hey If you’re searching for any graphic presets, you’ve come to the right place, because the Imperium Graphic Pack got your back in that regard.

If that’s the case, I would want you to give Imperium a shot and trust you will be happy you did

Special thanks to Imperium Graphic Pack, because this wonderful range contains a plethora of incredible presets that strike the perfect balance between stunning visuals and the value of machine efficiency.

I strongly recommend checking out this mod with some of the texture improvements I’ve mentioned here, as it greatly improves the overall quality of the game.

The Imperium Graphic Pack is one of the best FFXIV mods you can add to enhance the game’s graphical appearance. It has improved coloring, lighting, and processing.

No. 20. Alex’s Reshade Preset


I’ll confess, to be frank with you this Alex’s Reshade Preset mod took my breath away for a few moments when I understand it fully.

One great feature of this mod is the lighting and coloring which make the game look so different that you’ll wonder if you’re playing the original FF14 or a brand new HD remake.

Changes like this necessitate a device with sufficient computing space capacity to deal with these graphics, as well as a video card capable of running them….lol! you will want to have a computer with an enough RAM

Another good deal here is that you wouldn’t have any problems getting this mod to run on your computer system as long as you have a decent GPU and a few cores in your setup.

No. 21. HD Buffs Icons


This HD Buffs Icons mod was upgraded and is now a version of the game’s buff icon textures, thus making them look even more beautiful and smoother when extended.

The initial version of the buff icons is hazy, but it seems that the creator of this new version of the HD Buff was created by someone who understands game art.

When comparing this mod in terms of style and symbols, all of the textures are the same. However, the icons grow in size dramatically which gives them more flavor.

Honestly speaking the Buff Icons are effectively a mod that enhances the resolution of each buff texture. Check out the Ray of Frost 5e| D&D 5th Edition

And if you like this mod, keep an eye out for a couple of other icon enhancements that I’ve mentioned here. It’s possible that you’ll want to mix them both!

No. 22. Blue UI


Okay, so the Blue UI is really very simple. Though you may be curious and wondering why I didn’t put it in the first tenth position on this 24 Free Final Fantasy XIV Mods For PC list..

The response is simple: I really, really like how it looks coupled with amazing mixed textures. And I hope you will as well. Be aware that its position in our final fantasy  XIV list is immaterial.

Perhaps it’s because we’ve been looking at the same UI for so long, but this slight adjustment feels genuinely exciting and makes the game seem newer to me.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that it just changes the UI’s color. If you give it a shot, you’ll fall in love with it.

No. 23. Chat Gray Box Remover


The Chat Gray Box Remover is a simple mod that does more than it seems. It is yet another powerful and simple mod that I will encourage every game player to look out for.

It excellently removes the gray box from the chat, thus making it fit in more seamlessly with the game. Other special thanks to the developer of this mod.

Since the mod comes with three different choices, you’ll be able to use simpler boxes or delete them completely with the remover. This is feature I admire so much from the Chat Gray Box Remover.

This is particularly useful if you’re tired of the box covering your screen’s corner.

The Chat Gray Box Remover mod also helps you to toggle between deleting it and leaving only the relevant chat functions.

No. 24. Flicker Optimization


One of the most frustrating aspects of Final Fantasy XIV is the low frame rate, which is often exacerbated by the game’s inconsistent grass rendering.

The Flicker Optimization mod aims to stabilize the FPS by improving processing time rate. So have this mod you are sure a stabilized FPS processing time.

.In principle, after you mount this mod, you won’t have to deal with any more flickering or other irritating aspects of terrain that might be causing performance problems.

This mod fixes the simple grass problem in Final Fantasy XIV, so if you update it correctly, your machine can run the game more smoothly.

This mod worth giving it a shot to see what you think.


Is Final Fantasy 14 worth the subscription?

Simple answer…YES! A subscription to FFXIV, in my opinion, is highly worth it. This is mainly because the Final Fantasy XIV has too many of content to consume even as a player. I have played the Final Fantasy XIV for a while and I enjoyed most of what I played.

I’m a super comfortable MMO player, but I’m amused by simpler stuff like a fun battle, cool graphics, and plenty of space to explore. All of these things were abundant in the game for me.

I’d also point out that there are many free and non-subscription MMOs that have such features, but many of them have a slew of issues that make them difficult to tolerate for more serious players.

It could take a while to find a game where you feel as good as bad. At least I noticed that it was a nice opportunity to play a more rounded game like FFXIV.

I’ve read good stuff about the end of the game and more serious play so if that’s what you’re doing in the game, it’s definitely a good investment to play before you get bored..

Does Final Fantasy XIV have a monthly fee?

YES!! The Final Fantasy XIV is a monthly fee payment method. It’s important to note that Final Fantasy 14 is a subscription-based game.

Though for now, you can play the game freely up to level 35, but going beyond that point, you’ll be prompted to pay a subscription fee of $12.99 per month.

And with the charge factored into the game’s price, this package will include hundreds of hours of game play at a very low price.

The selling takes just over four-and-a-half days from the time of publication. It finishes at midnight ET on Monday, April 10th. The selling is only for the Windows edition of Final Fantasy 14, of course.

The game is still available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, but the PS3 support will end this summer.

What do you need to play Final Fantasy 14?

Here are what do you need to play Final Fantasy 14 game play
The basic minimum system requirements:
Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 8.1 64 bit, Windows 10 64 bit
Processor: Intel Core i5 2.4GHz or better
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA Geforce GTX750 or better AMD Radeon R7 260X or better
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 60 GB available space
Sound Card: A sound card which supports DirectSound

The Final Fantasy Recommended system requirements:
OS: Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 8.1 64 bit, Windows 10 64 bit
Processor: Intel Core™i7 3GHz or higher
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA Geforce GTX970 or higher AMD Radeon™ RX 480 or higher
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 60 GB available space
Sound Card: A sound card which supports DirectSound

Finally, its worth knowing that you will also need an active broadband internet connection irrespective of the system you’re using.

How much does FFXIV cost?

The Final Fantasy Service fee cost is $12.99 for Entry plan with 1 Maximum Characters per Server and 8 Maximum Characters. And $14.99 for standard plan with 8 Maximum Characters per Server and 40 Maximum Characters. for 30 days respectively

There are basically two Membership type in the final fantasy 14 game. they include entry and standard plan

Entry with duration of 30 days and price is $12.99
Standard duration 30 days and price $14.99

NOTE: EFINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadowbringers does not come with a 30-day free play period.
All subscription fees are subject to change in accordance with the terms of the FINAL FANTASY XIV User Agreement.

For users purchasing the PlayStation®4 version of FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn or FINAL FANTASY XIV Online:

FINAL FANTASY XIV can be played without a subscription to PlayStation®Plus.

Can you play FF14 solo?

The bulk of Final Fantasy XIV material is arranged in Shadowbringers. The massively multiplayer game features hours of questing that can be completed solo or with other players, culminating in a party dungeon or tribunal.

It’s back to solo stuff until the dungeon or trial is completed. It’s a good formula that retains the spotlight on the player character as the game’s hero, with the help of other players in times of need.

These quick games will be a lot of fun if you have friends in the game. Yet I find myself using the duty finder, which groups random players together, even more often.


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