Is Young Sheldon Cooper’s East Texas Tech College real? Discover the truth!!

East Texas Tech” is the university the young Sheldon Cooper claimed he attended and spent four years obtaining a degree. 

According to Sheldon Cooper (real name Iain Armitage), he graduated from East Texas Tech College in 1995 when he was just 14 years of age.

 Graduating at 14 made Sheldon Cooper one of the world’s youngest college graduates. 

Is this East Texas Tech college claim real? 

Read on as we unfold the truth behind East Texas Tech

The Storyline Behind East Texas Tech

The storyline behind East Texas Tech was coined from last night’s Season 3 final episode of Young Sheldon Cooper.

The show which aired in the episode was titled “Secret Letter and a Lowly Disc of Processed Meat”.

In season 3 of the show, different universities and or colleges discovered the genius in a young lad. 

Based on this high intellect, many universities and colleges in the state of California took an interest in him.

Top colleges, including the likes of the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), and many others.

Send letters to the boy’s parents, expressing their keen interest in having the young prodigy Sheldon Cooper study with them.

Secret of the Letters: Zoe Perry

Young Sheldon Cooper's East Texas Tech College real?

When the letters from different colleges in California arrive at Sheldon’s home.

Mary’s mother, Mary (real name Zoe Perry), received these letters and decided to keep the news away from her son, Sheldon, and also from her husband, George.

Sheldon’s mother’s reason for keeping the news a secret from the son and husband was the feeling that her son, Sheldon, was too young to stay far away from home.

When Sheldon finds out about the secret, his parents have kept it away from him. 

He became very furious and full of anger. He angrily confronts his parents, Mr. George and Mrs. Mary.

to demand an explanation of why they decided to keep such exciting good news away from him.

Further findings revealed that Sheldon’s mother, Mrs. Mary, also kept the letter away from her husband’s knowledge. 

Mrs. didn’t let anyone know, including her husband, Mr. George, that many top universities and colleges across the United States had written multiple letters showing their interest in Sheldon.

The Main Reason Sheldon’s Mother Hid the Letters

Sheldon’s main reasons for hiding letters of expression of interest from various universities and colleges are:

  1. Sheldon is too young to live on his own.
  2. California is very far from their home.
  3. Attending Caltech will take him away from home.

However, Sheldon, on the other hand, is thinking in the opposite direction of her mum. 

His belief is that he’s matured enough to take good care of himself even in the absence of his parents.

Watch Sheldon gets an invite from CALTECH to study there-Young Sheldon season 3 finale

Sheldon’s Parents’ Suggestion for East Texas Tech College

Despite the fact that Sheldon’s father was dissatisfied with his wife for refusing to inform him of the college letters,

Mr. George, for his own part, still doesn’t support the idea of their young Sheldon attending a college far from home.

He also believes that Sheldon is very tender and immature to live alone without his parents’ close guidance.

Mr. George succumbed to Sheldon’s Plea

After a deep thought, Mr. George came to the conclusion that Sheldon should enroll in a nearby college within the neighborhood.

This decision didn’t go down well with Mrs. Mary, Sheldon’s mother.

She insisted that her little son was too young to leave home and start college. 

Having won his father’s mind, Sheldon connives with his father to persuade his mother to let him enroll in a nearby  college.

Sheldon’s Video for East Texas Tech University

with the help of Sheldon’s father, Mr. George. 

Sheldon was able to make a video to further show his willingness.

and the reason his mother should allow him to enroll in East Texas Tech College.

East Texas Tech University is one of the local colleges in the neighborhood where Sheldon has been going for lectures organized and managed by Dr. John Sturgis.

Is East Texas Tech a real college?

Is East Texas Tech College by Young Sheldon Cooper Really for Real?

No, the East Texas Tech college is not real and does not exist in Texas or anywhere in the United States.

The imaginary East Texas Tech University started after Sheldon mentioned a college called “East Texas Tech University.”

Since the mention of this in the last episode of Young Sheldon. 

Many fans of the movie across the United States have been asking to know whether the so-called East Texas Tech University really exists..

To reiterate this again, the  East Texas Tech university does not exist in Texas or anywhere in the United States.

East Texas State University, on the other hand, was formally a university in Texas.

The college was later metamorphosed into the Texas A&M university system.

And in 1996, the university was renamed and was called Texas A&M University-Commerce.

Other universities with similar names

Other Texas universities with names similar to Sheldon’s fictitious East Texas Tech university include

The Texas Tech university, which shares an almost similar name with Sheldon’s East Texas Tech college, is located in north-western Texas and not East Texas.

East Texas Tech, in conclusion

Based on the knowledge of the origin of the term “East Texas Tech University,”

You can see that there is nothing like East Texas Tech university in Texas and the United States at large.

Finally, East Texas Tech University is a fantasy of young Sheldon Cooper’s and not a real college.

The university is one of the four institutions that constitute the Texas Tech University System.

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