CONE OF COLD 5E: What Every Player Must Know

Cone of cold 5e

Cone of cold 5e is another unique spell in the Dungeon and Dragon game, when the spell-caster cast the cone of cold 5e spell, a blast of cold air will erupt from the casters hand. During the spell duration, each of the creatures in a 60-foot cone must make a Constitution saving throw.

Each of the creatures will take 8d8 cold damage on any failed save, or half of the damage on a successful save. Any creature that is killed by the cone of cold 5e spell becomes a frozen statue until it thaws.

According to the D&D 5e spell handbook, It state “A blast of cold air erupts from your hands. Each creature in a 60-foot cone must make a Constitution saving throw. A creature takes 8d8 cold damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one.”

What Happens At Higher Levels of the 5e Cone of Cold

At a higher level of the 5e cone of cold, when the spell caster casts the cone of cold spell using a spell slot of 6th level or higher, the damage on the creatures will increases by 1d8 for each slot level above 5th slot. Check out the Burning hands 5e in Dungeon and Dragon Spells

Attributes of the cone of cold 5e

  Attributes of Cone of Cold 5e  
Casting Time 1 action
Classes Sorcerer, Wizard
Components V S M
Damage Type Cold
Duration Instantaneous
Higher Spell Slot Description if you send out this magic using a spell slot of 6th level or something higher, the effect becomes higher by 1d8 for each slot level above 5th.
Higher Spell Slot Dice 1
Higher Spell Slot Die d8
Level 5
Material A little crystal
Name Cone of Cold 5e
Range It’s sixty foot
Save Constitution
School Evocation
Target Each creature in a 60-foot cone

An Overview of the Cold of Cone 5e

Its common knowledge to every spell-caster who is familiar with the D&D 5e, that the cold of cone is an area of the d&d 5e cone of cold spell that is capable of spilling out 8d8 worth of cold damage to any creature within a 60-foot cone.

The cone of cold 5e It’s an effective spell, it all players have to make a Constitution saving throw instead of a Dexterity saving throw (which have high chances of preventing a rogue from using their evasion powers), and because it has an insane amount of power.

With the 5e cone of cold spell, you can do an average of about 36 damage with each player every time it’s cast, or 18 damage when any player makes their saving throw.

Mainly, the fifth or sixth level players cannot survive more than a single dnd 5e cone of cold blast, thus makes it a risky and dangerous spell in the hands of the enemy.

Why does Cone of Cold Break the DMG’s rules for spell damage in DnD 5e?

The d&d cone of cold break the DMG’s rules for spell damage in Dungeon and Dragon, because the rules follow guidelines than anything, and thus more than 80% of the spells that exist do not follow the rules and guidelines properly.

This is just the same as asking why more than half of the Manual monsters are mostly weaker than the DMGs rules for a monster design for each challenge rating. Check out the Cloak of Protection 5e: A Wondrous DnD 5e Magical Item

The Mythic Power of Cone of Cold 5e

Damage sustained increases to 1d10 points of cold damage per each caster level (maximum 15d10). Any creature that fails to save it is partially encased in ice, decreasing its speed by half.

Creatures with a subtype of cold or incorporeal or immunity to grappling are resistant to this impact. Until the ice is destroyed, the decreased movement persists.

Destroying the ice requires an effective Strength or Dispel check against the DC of the spell, or dealing the creature with bludgeoning or fire damage equal to 1 point per caster stage.

Point to Note: Two uses of mythical strength can be expended to turn the dnd cone of cold spell into a barrage of giant hailstones, icicles, or shards. Your option of bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing damage is half the spell’s damage, and the other half is cold damage.

My Worst Nightmare Fighting a Monster With a Cold of Cone 5e

Wielded by the right enemy, the cone of cold 5e spell is a dangerous weapon even against a mid-level adventurer. Check out the Bless 5e in Dungeon and Dragon Spells

So a few nights ago, my Dungeon and Dragon group nearly got TPKed by a bheur hag in her lair. As expected the encounter was supposed to be a tough one, so since the hag knew the party was coming forth and so had some few extra time to get prepared since of the party’s overly cautious nature.

The hag had a few minions, a few lair acts that were maybe a little too effective (the rear of the party was plagued by swarms of insects, while the hag’s furniture threw itself at the frontlines).

But the real problem was that when she unleashed an ice storm inside her own home and turned much of her kitchen into difficult terrain, the hag built an effective barrier.

The hag flew in from her bedroom and unleashed her trump card – dnd 5e cone – as the group slid into the kitchen and stopped to either repair themselves or wait for back up.

The first blast took out the cleric of the group, forcing her to be saved by a mad scramble after she took an unfortunate hit and two death-saving throw failures.

The second blast later took out the newly resurrected cleric and three other party members, leaving only the barbarian, the warlock (who had remained outside the wintery shit hole of the kitchen), and the druid to find out how to save their friends from a hag that had barely taken any damage.


The terrain is another factor to consider in the cone of cold 5e to consider, a cone of cold is the best defense suitable to stopping frontal assaults, however, the dnd 5e cone of cold could be deadly when there’s a bottleneck of some kind. This one thing you should factor out when planning for a hag encounter.

When the party got heavily stuck in the hag’s kitchen, because of this, the hag gives a group of targets that were far too close together

So, due to the closeness, the paladin was able to save many party members, that is, any player 10 feet from her, will get a + 4 saving throw.

From all indications, the party could avoid any sort of damage, if my D&D group have made the kitchen a bit bigger or even giving less than three egress points

The Oni monster

The Oni monster seems to be the best example of a monster who thrives probably because of its access to cone of cold. Check out the Heroism 5e: Heroism Spell and Temporary Hit Points

Oni is a CR-7 monster that is capable of posing as a lesser threat due to its ability to change in shape and thus reveals its cone of cold ability to surprise enemies.

 Critical Role

The fans are probably more used to how dangerous a cone of cold can be, so as result the oni Lorenzo was able to use its cone of cold to nearly defeating the Mighty Nein twice. 

At the initial stage, Mighty Nein’s encounter with Lorenzo ended up with a permanent party death, and even the follow*up encounter was also very scary.

My Final Thought – Cone of Cold 5e       

The major secret to fighting a monster with a cold of cone 5e spell is simply attacking it from different angles. Avoid cluster, because clustering is the road death.

Try as much as possible to stay apart and spread out widely, always use the teleport abilities such as the misty step or fey step to ensure you close the gap on the monster if needed.

Remember also that, even if the monster uses a cone of cold on one party member, you should be fine if you are attacking from two or three multiple directions.

My Encounter Rating of the Cold Spells 5e

So that night the party ended up getting my group favored, the warlock was able to use a command spell to halt the hag in her tracks and give the party an enviable round to recover.

At this point, the barbarian had gotten into the hag’s face and prevents her from flying into the next room to pollute the party once again.

So later in the second round, the hag died, but the encounter was probably the closest I have come to permanently lose a party member at my table. Also, read the Enlarge Reduce 5e: Enlarge/reduce 5e d&d Uses

More in an encounter that was not supposed to be deadly. d&d cone of cold 5e is not a spell to joke with, and I’m sure my players’ cannot wait to use it against me when they level up.